@: 100 yuan to play sports festival?It’s that simple!
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@: 100 yuan to play sports festival?It’s that simple!

The countdown is 8 days!A sports and trendy city carnival is about to open.The Olympic Qualification Series of Thunderbolt Dance, Skateboarding, Rock Climbing, and Liberty-stricken Wheels will kick off in Huangpu Binjiang City Park from May 16th to 19th. This is not only the competition of the four trendy projects.It is also a dynamic city sports and culture that integrates the festive atmosphere.
City Sports Festival is about to open, reporter Li Mingzheng, the same
In addition to the event itself, the “Four Great Exhibitions Play Circle” will also appear at the same time.As long as it costs 100 yuan, Shanghai citizens can buy individually tickets for the City Sports Festival. In the 4 -day sports festival with different themes, they can contact and understand the city’s street movement in zero distances, and experience the charm of the Olympic.
When Da Show meets the Five Ring Road
It is like the Fifth Ring Road. At the urban sports festival, the exhibition area and the main stage area of the four projects together constitute the five display activity areas of the City Sports Festival.Combining the performance with the competition to create an immersive atmosphere. In the minds of Hou Jie, the director of the Urban Sports Festival, the four -day performance on the main stage is four big shows with different themes.
The inspiration to turn the city into a sports show comes from the world’s extreme sports capital France, Montpellier.Last year, Hou Jie came to Montpellier for inspection. There, the whole city was like a huge extreme sports show: ordinary people are walking on the streets, and skateboarding, free -type wheels or thunderbolt dance technology will be displayed anytime, anywhere.Extreme sports have become part of everyone’s life -grounding, younger, and immersive, these features have been “moved” by Hou Jie to the city sports festival.
Adhering to the style of “younger, more cities, and more open”, the City Sports Festival will also climax at the event scene of the Olympic Qualification Series · Shanghai on May 16th to 19th.”Street Dance SHOW Field”, “Unlimited Heart · Fashion Journey”, “Interesting and Non-Heritage Market”, “Chaoyin Carnival” four different themes with different themes.The main stage of Huangpu Binjiang was staged one after another, and resonated with the top global masters, urban street sports enthusiasts and audiences on the scene, dazzling the youth of the New Year.
When a non -legacy meets the Olympic Games
Skateboarding teenagers around the dragon light, hip -hop graffiti farmers’ paintings, Guofeng suona interpretation of AI original … Guo Chao Culture and street movement cross -border “same frame”, full of interesting urban cultural experience, will be staged in Shanghai City Sports Festival.
In order to highlight the Chinese characteristics of the Olympic Qualification Series · Shanghai, on May 18, the main stage area will hold a “interesting and non -heritage market set”., Create an immersive national tide experience party.
What kind of mix and match experience when skateboarding encounters Jinshan farmers?Li Yuan, who is both a skateboarding enthusiast and a young painter of Jinshan farmers, tells you with a brush.In his pen, a piece of skateboarding into a canvas painted by Jinshan farmers was painted with Chinese characteristics such as colorful dragons and phoenixes.In his opinion, the nation is the world. The content of farmers’ painting is reflected in the method of graffiti, which will produce a wonderful charm of Chinese and Western combination.
Guo tide wind or street style?The city sports festival must be all.In the performance of the Hosting stage, the Sanlin Dragon will join forces with the skateboarding teenagers representing the trend movement.Bags, painting hip -hop style farmers on skateboarding, will also pinch the lifelike Perak dancer, and folk art of Jinshan farmers with local characteristics of Shanghai, medicine spent, sea school paper -cutting, Sanlin dance dragon and other sea -school non -heritage projectsThe display one by one, all integrated into the contents of the four major Olympic projects.
To interpret the vitality of urban street movements with the charm of the non -heritage culture, we will integrate tradition with modernity, allow sports and culture to feed with each other, and build a bridge for the young and old generations.Sports Carnival.With the opportunity of the City Sports Festival, injecting new vitality into the ancient folk culture, continuously stretch the traditional culture, and spread the Chinese traditional culture on a wider world stage.
When sports become festivals
Different from the concentrated display of performances on the main stage, in the exhibition circle of the four major projects, the wonderful activities stretched for a whole day, and during the four days of the event, “Brave Heart”, “Love Road”, “Imagination”The four themes of the wings of the wings and the “music of integration” are the core, and the conventional experience activities and the theme activities of the limited time relay experience are carried out throughout the day.
Compared with professional competition venues, the exhibition circle will highlight the fashion trend attributes of these four urban movements with different design styles.For example, the skate exhibition design designed with the three -dimensional origami breeze into the skateboard element, play circle with street hip -hop graffiti decoration, integrate the color Pop design into the rock climbing exhibition circle, and the free -style small wheel display circle is used in the circleIndustrial log wind design and incorporate elements such as wheels and shafts.These careful design will not only make people feel the infinite charm of the origin of the sports, but also become a hot -off -punching point for audiences and social media.
The conventional experience activities of the circulation throughout the day will also provide audiences with the entry -level understanding and experience needs of these four urban movements, including inviting professional coaches to guide on -site guidance, urban sports knowledge fun Q & A, sports cool skills explanation and display, audience photography and punch cardCeremony and other links.In addition, the contestants will also appear randomly and come to the show circle to interact with the audience.The colorful on -site activities will greatly improve the audience’s participation at the event scene.
The Olympic Qualification Series · Shanghai has fully invoiced.Please refer to the official website of the International Olympic Committee and Damai.com.Click the link (#小 点: // tgvy8pyyzavmzqx) to easily buy tickets!Intersection(Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Yan)