2024 Wuhan Marathon completed the safe competition, Jiakang set up a running group to pass the concept of national health
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2024 Wuhan Marathon completed the safe competition, Jiakang set up a running group to pass the concept of national health

  The Yangtze River Daily Da Wuhan Client March 24 (Reporter Yang Fan) On March 24, the “Cherry Blossom Season Yue Rivers and Lakes” 2024 Wuhan Marathon officially started.The Hanma events include the three major items: the full marathon (42.195 kilometers), the half marathon (21.0975 kilometers) and the 13 km healthy running, attracting 30,000 runners from all over the country to participate.

  As the official sponsors of the 2024 Wuhan Marathon, Jiajiakang not only organized a unique brand running group to participate in the event project, but also prepared the Jiajiakang cheerleading team, the supply station along the way, and the end service area.Lipid energy, accompanied by runners to cross the “one city, two rivers, three towns, four towns, four bridges and five lakes”, help the 2024 Wuhan Marathon completed the safe competition, and pass the national health concept to more families.

  Wuhan Marathon started.

  The members of the Jiajiakang Running Team set off in the face of the camera.

  In the running group, the players pushed the stroller and ran “Hanma.”

  In this Hanma competition, the Jiajiakang brand running team ushered in a heavy upgrade.With a unique shape, it attracted the attention of runners and audiences.The runners of the Jiajiakang Running Team collectively collectively warm up before the starting point, make full preparations before the game, and deeply plant the “safe and healthier” running concept.

  Jiajiakang also invited a number of experts to participate in this Hanma event, including the national swimming champion and the 100 -meter butterfly champion Wang Yajie.She said that more and more people like marathon because of the sense of joy that the aerobic exercise itself brings to the body, but also that the marathon itself is also an external manifestation of people advocating a healthy life.She also reminds all runners that the most important thing to finish the competition is the most important thing. Do not run on an empty stomach to ensure safe participation. In addition to maintaining regular exercise, you should also pay more attention to healthy meat, because eating more meat can strengthen nutritional balance and enhance muscle strength, so that every can be allowedSafe and healthier for running at a time.

  What’s even more interesting is that the parent -child family of “car carrying the car” in the Jiajiakang brand running group. Mom and dad pushed the stroller with the children and ran for horseback.Example models.At the same time, Wang Jing, a member of the Jiajiakang Running Team, performed well in the event. He ran out of good results at 02:29:18 and won the sixth place in the 2024 Wuhan Marathon.

  It is understood that the current Wuhan Marathon coincides with the cherry blossom season. The classic Hansai routes are unlimited along the way, making runners from all over the world praised.When running to the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, which is known as the “First Bridge of the Yangtze River”, the Jiajiakang cheerleading team and the pig well -off doll shouted for the runners at the “cheering point”, and complemented the picturesque yellow crane tower behind them.In addition to organizing brand running groups, Jiajiakang also set up a number of Jiajia Kang cheerleaders “cheering points” and brand supply stations along the track of the track in the entire schedule.Corporation has become a beautiful landscape in the 2024 Hanma.