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"Academician of Budbu" Zhao Dongyuan: Investing in 10 years to challenge another major scientific issue

  Editor’s note: In May 2014, the General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership proposed “to accelerate the marching to a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.”Man is the most creative and shining element.On the 10th anniversary of the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News visited 10 scientific and technological workers, listening to their science and technology stories and perceptions, as well as expectations for the future.Different wonderful, the same brave tide, climbing the peak.

  ”Like two people back to face, one righteous and one reverse, expressing the meaning of “change”.Zhao Dongyuan in the years of Huajia remains curious about this “change of learning”.At present, he led the team to challenge major scientific issues in the field of soft coagulation and chemistry.

  In 2016, the General Secretary of the Supreme Leader entrusted Shanghai to “strive to make great innovations in the field of basic technology.”Where does innovative thinking come from?How to teach creative thinking to students?Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News reporter recently interviewed Zhao Dongyuan.

  ”People who make holes”

  Reporter: 10 years ago, what was you busy at the time?

  Zhao Dongyuan: I just started planning to transform the technology technology.

  Reporter: Listen to your students, you can use “fanaticism” and “hot” to describe your interest in Jiekou materials, and you also call yourself “people who make holes.”

  Zhao Dongyuan: I have a professional habit. Seeing that others have made new compounds, I always ponder conditional reflection: Can you punch holes on it?This is equivalent to taking a chisel and making holes in the uninvited micro world.This “hole” is not ordinary holes. It does not naturally exist in nature, but is “long” from chemical reactions. The diameter is between micro -holes (less than 2 nanometers) and large holes (greater than 50 nanometers).The surface area of a small stone is also a few centimeters, but the one -gram of the hole material is paved, and the surface area can reach hundreds or even thousands of square meters, which can play football on it.

  Reporter: Before 2005, the world’s media materials were limited to inorganic materials. How did you expand it to organic materials to create higher value?

  Zhao Dongyuan: I like to do work different from others, and I often open up.In the patient who visited the ligament break, I thought, can it be denied the two melodolis connecting two mesons?With children playing with children, I wondered, can you build a hole with “building blocks”?The difference is that it is a hand to set up the building blocks. I need to find a force to let them react by themselves.Later, it first created a new research direction -modular self -assembly -assembly -assembly pore material, thereby solving the bottleneck problem of organic hole materials.

  Reporter: For a long time, there is no progress in the experiment?

  Zhao Dongyuan: After doing it for 4 years, one of my doctoral students almost couldn’t graduate (laugh).

  Reporter: I just saw in your laboratory just now that the students’ experimental uniforms say “Scientific research is very hard and persistent.”

  Zhao Dongyuan: This is indeed.To do scientific research, we must have the thoughts of sitting on a cold bench.I have discussed with some Nobel Prize winners. Everyone has a consensus: IQ is not the most important, and we have to rely on hard work and love scientific research.

  Science for science

  Reporter: When the Fudan University Xianghui Research Institute was established half a year ago, it has attracted much attention with “big writing”. I wonder what the latest progress has been recently?

  Zhao Dongyuan: Drawing on the Xianghui Research Institute of the Princeton High Research Institute, encouraging subversive basic research, and breeding a group of top talents who break the conventional thinking.We hope that scientists are sinking here for science and science.

  Basic research can’t come.The Xianghui Research Institute provides more than 10 years of stable funding support, implements the total funding system and the scientist responsibility system; “Xianghui Scholars” is not bound by the traditional personnel management system, and can carry out scientific research independently.There is no limit on the top; we do not evaluate the specific academic output of “Xianghui Scholars”, and we will establish a full -time exemption mechanism, which gives “Xianghui Scholars” a great free space.

  The Xianghui Research Institute focuses on top scientists under the age of 40 years of age.We have hired 7 “Xianghui Scholars” to implement personalized contracts based on different needs of graduate, space, and experimental equipment.

  Just last month, the Strategic Scientist Committee of Xianghui Research Institute was established.This year, I plan to introduce 20 people in batches, and they are brewing the introduction of younger “Xianghui Young Scholar”, which is mainly aimed at the post -doctoral post -doctoral after the age of 30.

  Reporter: What is the progress of soft -coagulature conditioning chemistry research you are doing?

  Zhao Dongyuan: UseAt present, there is a progress in machine learning, and I plan to invest in more than 10 years in depth.What is the chemical foundation of cells and what is the chemical foundation of thinking and memory, it is still not clear about these problems.The progress of soft -coagulans will help to solve these important scientific problems.

  Reporter: How do you think of the introduction in scientific research?

  Zhao Dongyuan: Now there seems to be no great scientists like Einstein, and no great scientific discovery such as quantum mechanics.In fact, we are now studying science under the complex system. Therefore, it is a good tool to use more tools and discipline cross -integration to promote scientific research.


  Reporter: You said that your favorite title is “Teacher Zhao”.

  Zhao Dongyuan: I have given undergraduates for 20 years of “ordinary chemistry” and dare to call anyone (laughs) with anyone. This course was selected as a national first -class undergraduate course last year.

  Reporter: How to teach students innovative thinking?

  Zhao Dongyuan: The students of “Chengcai” were not taught, but they realized themselves.I am fun with my colleagues in the Academic Affairs Office of the School, and I also have to do the “Education Office”, dial the students, and let them enlightenment.In terms of innovative thinking, the most lack of lack of standard answers.From this perspective, the teacher needs to eliminate the dignity of the teacher, and what the teacher said is not necessarily right.Every time I give students homework, I have a thinking question, and there is no standard answer.

  Reporter: Where does innovative thinking come from?

  Zhao Dongyuan: Einstein once said that a problem is often more important than solving a problem.This requires questions from yourself. What are the major scientific issues?Are there any places to break through the scientific forefront?People are also cloudy, without innovation.I always bring a book with me, recording the idea of flashing, sometimes I suddenly had inspiration in the middle of the night, and I couldn’t wait to rush to the laboratory immediately.

  Reporter: Why do you reward 20%-30%of the awarded to students each time?

  Zhao Dongyuan: Scientific research is a collective cooperation. Students are my collaborators. Young people are the most innovative willingness and ability, and they need support.

  Reporter: What are the suggestions for young researchers?

  Zhao Dongyuan: Choose what I love is also suitable for his research direction.Synthetic is my strength. It is also preparing high -purity tin oxide. Others can’t do it for 3 months, but I will synthesize it in 1 week. From then on, I will go all the way to my advantage.


  Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dean of the School of Chemistry and Materials of Fudan University, and the first dean of the Xianghui Research Institute.He led the team to invented more than 20 kinds of media materials, published the number of papers in this field and the number of citation rates ranked first in the world.Characters and so on.


  Full process innovation

  From the “oppositional unity” of pH, yin and yang, to the “balance and conservation” of ionization and hydrolysis, chemistry contains many philosophical ideas.How to achieve full -process innovation from 0 to 10?Zhao Dongyuan has his own dialectics.

  He has always emphasized with the team that it is best to concentrate on basic research before the age of 40. Do not get involved in applications, otherwise it is easy to restrict imagination. “Even if there is no dual carbon policy, the” activation of carbon dioxide “itself is a major scientific issue of basic research.”This is the characteristics of basic research. It seems “useless”, but in fact “useless” “use”.

  The Jiekou he studied does not come directly from the industry, but the Jiekou materials are now widely used for catalytic,, Biomedical, cosmetics, have been produced by thousands of tons.Increase the efficiency of residue oil by 1.5%, which can increase production of millions of tons of high -quality oil each year.

  Scientists labeling basic research can produce such great economic benefits, and it is rare.

  Zhao Dongyuan’s team of more than 40 people has 10 people who have transformed results and participated in the establishment of 3 companies.”I really experienced a lot of pain!” Zhao Dongyuan admitted.So why find hard to eat?”Chemistry is the only central science with industrial support. If we can convert scientific research results, we can benefit the society.”

  From basic research to industrialization, from 0 to 10, only to complete the whole process innovation is the real innovation.