AI window, 3D tailoring, environmental protection crafts … the Canton Fair will set up new coordinates of these fashion industry
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AI window, 3D tailoring, environmental protection crafts … the Canton Fair will set up new coordinates of these fashion industry

Like the qq show’s AI one -click dressing, “soft gold” ramie weave environmental jacket, denim style “fake denim” …
On May 2nd, the second day of the third phase of the Canton Fair, the fashion section was distinctive and highlighted.The exhibition area is 236,000 square meters, with 11,256 booths, and 5,137 exhibitors, covering full categories such as men’s and women’s clothing, children’s clothing, sportswear and casual clothes.This year, from the perspective of digital intelligence, green environmental protection, and Guo Chao Guofeng, the fashion section interprets the charm of clothing at home and abroad, and gives the fashion coordinate system of the four seasons this year.
It is reported that as of May 2nd, a total of 23,4671 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions attended the meeting, an increase of 25%over the same period of the previous period.
AI inserts several intelligent wings for the window
Some time ago, the “Anta membrane”, which was born in the sky, marked the successful breakthrough in a “stuck neck”.At this Canton Fair, Jiangsu Shuntian Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiangsu Shuntian”), which has operated history for more than 40 years, was launched for the first time.Membrane “, the water resistance and humidity of this high -quality waterproof and humidity material can reach 10k/10k. These” light outdoor “leisure sportswear also incorporate new processes such as internal and external gum and inflatable.
Relying on the rich resources provided by Tsinghua University, Beijing School of clothing, Zhejiang University of Technology and other universities, Jiangsu Shuntian can establish a strong fabric research and development advantage, and its products are exported to North America and Europe.The company’s design director Sha Tingting told reporters that the company followed the trend and expanded categories this year. The proportion of men’s clothing increased to about 30 %, increasing products such as dinner series, leisure series, and outdoor series.
It is worth noting that on the same day, a 3D catwalk of a virtual model, an AI window with a 3D dress, a 1: 1 VR exhibition hall with a 1: 1 re -engraved booth attracted the attention of many buyers.Relying on digital platforms such as Huitun and Su Haolon, using AI technology, Jiangsu Shuntian integrates digitalization into various aspects such as fabric development, design proofing, process production, and marketing.
The digitalization of the whole process and the realistic digital clothes are realistic, ensuring that Jiangsu Shun Tian only needs to send sample clothes to overseas customers when the last confirmation effect, which greatly reduces production and exhibition costs.
“The new productivity of our industry is to change the entire process of clothing design, research and development, and production in digitalization.” Liu Jiaqi, assistant to the company’s general manager and head of the R & D design center, told reporters.From design research and development to promotion and sales, domestic foreign trade clothing is being intellectual in the entire line.It is reported that more than 50%of the participating enterprises this Canton Fair actively applied digital technology such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis.
Green environmental protection becomes “going to the sea” cheats
In addition to the full science and technology model, another secret of the exhibition company is green and environmentally friendly.
The Chinese style is weaving with “Chinese Grass”. Hunan Huasheng Industry Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hunan Huasheng”) at the entrance of the 2.1 exhibition area) attracts many European and American buyers to stop the clothes.
The person in charge Zhu Xuru told reporters that Hunan Laoma has a long history and a good reputation in China and abroad. It has small production pollution and low energy consumption. Hunan Huasheng is a well -known state -owned enterprise player containing hemp clothing.They are from their hands, and customers cover the United States, Russia, Africa, and Southeast Asia.This year’s Canton Fair, Hunan Huasheng brought a new knitted series, including naturally biodegradable environmental protection materials such as ramie and paper fiber.
At the Canton Fair this year, American denim also took the national tide express.The reporter saw at the booth of Guangzhou Textile Import and Export Group Co., Ltd., which is the main category of cowboy, saw that ancient style elements such as cloud patterns appeared on color denim such as pink denim, but these seemingly denim clothing was not actually denim, but special fabrics made by special fabrics.After dyeing, plus bright color printing, environmentally friendly clothing made by water washed.The company’s export share accounted for 89 %, and it will sweep the Chinese denim fresh style in the United States, Europe and other countries.
According to data from the United Nations Environmental Planning Department, a pair of jeans need to consume 7500 liters of water. “By increasing the technological content of fabrics, auxiliary materials, and water washing technology to increase the utilization rate of water and reduce sewage discharge.A manifestation of “” Chen Jicheng, the head of “, said.
Among all the booths, a fluorescent green and aluminum outdoor exterior booth is very eye -catching -the person in charge of Fujian Shangfei Clothing Co., Ltd. introduced that this is a senior high -end outdoor clothing company.Geo-Tech technology fabric and degradable environmental protection fabrics, and use 3D tailoring technology.The reporter also noticed that each piece of clothing comes with environmental protection labels, which are written with key information such as recyclable ingredients and made by several recycled bottles.
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