Break the "fresh filter" and let the fresh food turn off the "beauty" to show the "color"
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Break the "fresh filter" and let the fresh food turn off the "beauty" to show the "color"

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Kingsoft News, I do n’t know if you have had such an experience?When buying meat and fruits and vegetables in the market, I felt particularly fresh. I planned to go home with a joyful mood and my family. However, I found that the meat and fruits and vegetables I bought were not fresh after I went home.At this time, I can only blame myself to look away, thinking that I wo n’t go to the one next time.

This is because many merchants in the market use “fresh light”, and “fresh light” is a cold light source lighting fixture. It can beautify the color of food by increasing specific color glow.The meat and vegetables and fruits under the “fresh light” look bright in color, good gloss, and very different from the natural light. It cannot identify real colors when buying.

On December 1, 2023, the “Measures for the Supervision and Management of Sales Quality and Safety and Safety Supervision of the Edible Agricultural Products Market” was formally implemented, which clearly stipulated that the sales of fresh edible agricultural products were sold, and facilities such as significant changes caused by sensory traits such as the real color of edible agricultural products were misleaded.The sensory understanding of the product.

In order to fully implement the “four strictests” requirements of food safety and create a good food safety environment, a few days ago, the Beijingkou District Procuratorate deployed special supervision activities for “fresh light” public interest litigation.During the period, for the temporary stalls and the vegetable market in a community provided by the “Yixin for the Gong” volunteer, the cubic market was still illegally used to use the clue of the shared lights., Compare the meat foods purchased on the spot under the “fresh light” with the sun, and find that meat foods look ruddy under the “fresh light”, which can easily cover meat flaws.There are potential food safety hazards.

In response to the use of the “fresh light” problem in violation of regulations, the Beijing -mouth District Procuratorate issued procuratorial suggestions to relevant functional departments, urged them to perform their duties in accordance with the law, conduct special rectification work in a timely manner, block supervision loopholes, strictly control food safety, and ensure the health and safety of the people.At the same time, increase the publicity of operators, strengthen integrity management awareness, so as to eliminate the abuse of “fresh light” behavior, let food return to its original appearance, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Food safety is related to the health and life safety of ordinary people, and is a major issue of people’s livelihood.In the next step, the procuratorial organs will continue to give full play to the public interest litigation and procuratorial functions, strengthen cooperation with relevant administrative agencies, jointly maintain the market’s operating environment, and provide a strong guarantee for the “security on the tongue” of the people.