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CBRE releases in the first quarter of Zhengzhou Commercial Real Estate data vacancy rate improvement update and transformed into keywords

On April 18, CBRE Shibang Wei Lishi released the latest quarterly Zhengzhou Commercial Real Estate data in the first quarter of 2024 showing that during the period, the vacancy rates of the Zhengzhou office market and the retail property market have increased.

Data show that in the first quarter of 2024, Zhengzhou’s high -quality office building market ushered in 145,000 square meters, which were mainly concentrated on the East Square of the High -speed Railway Station in Zhengdong New District and the scientific avenue of the high -tech zone to promote the increase in the total market stocks to 5.184 million square meters.EssenceAffected by the overall economic situation, the net absorption of the market has not fluctuated sharply. In the first quarter, the net suction volume of self -holding buildings was about 45,000 square meters, accounting for nearly 35.78%of the year in 2023.The overall level of the absorption will break through the epidemic.The vacancy rate was driven by the new project to the market to 26%, back to the level of 2018.

In the retail property market, in the first quarter of 2024, Zhengzhou’s high -quality retail property market recorded 110,000 square meters to add supply.For the first time after the epidemic, new supply is ushered in.

Affected by the suspended projects and brand withdrawal, the city’s vacancy rate climbed to 17.8%.In terms of rent, the continuous differentiation of business districts at all levels, the average rent of the first floor of the city’s shopping malls fell from the previous floor, at 330 yuan/square meter/month.

Looking forward to 2024, Shibang Wei Shishi believes that the supply and demand relationship of the office building will continue to be adjusted, and the market will show a gentle recovery trend.The new supply of the core area has gradually weakened the market’s impact. It is a key variable around the Longhu Financial Island in the north, and the customer needs shift from watching and seeing actively entering the market.The rent has gradually stabilized, the market has entered the tenant market, and it is maintained for a long time.

In the retail property market, urban renewal and stock transformation will become keywords in the business market in 2024.

In the past three years, Zhengzhou’s commercial market has emerged in a number of projects such as Zhengzhou Memory · Oil and Huahua Factory Cultural and Cultural Park, Zhengzhou Sesame Street, which are full of fireworks and urban industrial cultural atmosphere.Entering the 2.0 stage, urban renewal will be carried out around the two dimensions of the large area/urban functional area and the small area/comprehensive neighborhood update.The former is led by the government, and aims to achieve a breakthrough in industrial space, while the latter emphasizes government guidance, enterprise operations, and promotes the update of multiple functions.

In addition, new energy vehicle brands have adjusted and expanded strategies to accelerate the strategic layout of automobile city.In view of the increasingly diverse models of sales, the existing shopping mall exhibition hall has been difficult to meet the needs of exhibitions, and new energy brands are gradually turning the experience center to flash shops and limited time auto shows.At the same time, with the maturity of the new power brands and the stability of the customer group, the new energy vehicle brand has gradually begun to select the location of the traditional “automobile city” or “4S shop” to optimize the display, improve the experience, and seek costThe optimal balance of benefits.

Looking forward to 2024, Shibang Wei Lishi expects that the Zhengzhou retail market will usher in about 690,000 square meters of high -quality supply.The project type covers the reconstruction of large -scale urban complexes, Ultrares, characteristic neighborhoods and industrial relics.While adding supply to rich business and consumption scenarios, new supply will further boost the recovery of market and investment confidence.Under the new development trend, the market will also usher in three significant changes.First of all, the business district effect will be further improved and condensed.Secondly, the commercial carrier will accelerate and derive.In the end, urban renewal will change butterfly changes in the consumer scene of mature areas.