Centennially keeping the original intention, helping the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center | Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Service High -quality Development
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Centennially keeping the original intention, helping the construction of Shanghai International Financial Center | Industry Association Chamber of Commerce Service High -quality Development


7 banks including China, Transportation, Zhejiang Xingye, Zhejiang Industrial, Shanghai Commercial Savings, Salt Industry, and Zhongfu initiated the banking guild

The managers of all walks of life at noon daily dinner in Shanghai Commercial Savings Bank to discuss related matters

It is said that the banking industry lunch meeting

This party has gradually developed into the Shanghai Bank of China today

Let’s take a look at their construction in Shanghai International Financial Center

What functions have been played ~


The Shanghai Banking Association (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”) was established in December 1992. It is a social group with the purpose of “promoting the development of Shanghai’s financial industry, improving the level of Shanghai’s international financial business, and making Shanghai an international financial center.”Since its establishment, the guild has actively played the role of platforms and bridges, providing valuable services for financial management departments, member units and financial consumers, maintaining the good order and healthy development environment of the Shanghai banking industry, and realizing the common interests of members.As of the end of 2023, there were 263 member units in the guild, covering Chinese foreign -funded legal person banks, policy banks, large commercial banks, joint -stock commercial banks, urban commercial banks, foreign bank branches, commercial bank licenses, village banks, asset management, asset managementCompanies, trust companies, financial companies, financial leasing companies, automobile finance companies, consumer finance companies, currency brokerage companies, foreign financial institutions in Shanghai, financial technology companies and other types of financial institutions.

Convenient service, build a two -way banking platform

In order to enhance the financial service capabilities of small and micro enterprises in Shanghai’s banking industry, especially technology -based small and micro enterprises, under the guidance of the Shanghai Taxation Bureau and the Financial Supervision Department, the Association led the establishment of the “Shanghai Silver Tax Interactive Information Service Platform” in 2018 (followingReferred to as “Silver Tax Platform”), and 3 functional upgrades were carried out according to bank business needs.In 2022, the guild developed the mobile terminal of the silver tax platform and provided the bank with an open API interface, and strongly supported the mobile version of the bank’s mobile version of the small micro -credit product to rely on the mobile version of the silver tax platform.

As a pure public welfare service platform, the silver tax platform is aimed at small and micro enterprises, especially light asset technology enterprises. Through model innovation, functional innovation, product innovation, institutional innovation, etc., it provides free online tax data sharing services for enterprises and banks.EssenceAt present, through the launch of online tax -related products and services, it has provided unsecured and pure credit loans for high -tech, light asset private, small and medium -sized enterprises with a large number of integrity taxes, which greatly enhances the company’s sense of obtaining financial services.As of the end of January 2024, 61 banks have access to the PC end of the platform, 14 banks have access to the mobile terminal and completed the development of mobile tax -related products; 208,600 registered silver tax platforms, 79,600 credit enterprises, total credit amounts, total credit amountDegree 98.01 billion yuan, with a cumulative loan of 3.619 billion yuan and 2.44 million silver tax interaction data.

Integrated development, lead the establishment of a cooperation mechanism

In order to strengthen cross -regional co -construction and sharing and promote the high -quality development of the Yangtze River Delta integrated, under the guidance of the Shanghai Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration, the Shanghai Banking Association led the Jiangsu Provincial Banking Association, the Zhejiang Banking Association, AnhuiThe Provincial Banking Association and Ningbo Banking Association jointly signed the “Memorandum of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Banking Association to support the Yangtze River Delta Financial Integrated Development Cooperation Memorandum” to establish a coordinated linkage mechanism for the Yangtze River Delta Regional Banking Association.

The Association leads the establishment of a joint meeting system for the Yangtze River Delta Regional Banking Association. Each year, a joint meeting of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Banking Association is held, and the work group of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Banking Association is set up to be responsible for communication and coordination and information sharing.According to market hotspots and demand for innovative development, the guild also invited the Yangtze River Delta Regional Banking Association to hold a special coordination meeting to promote the implementation of cooperation matters.Under the effective promotion of the cooperation mechanism of the Yangtze River Delta regional regional regional regional, the Association of Banking and the Yangtze River Delta Regional Banking Industry Association further played the leading role of party building, actively promoted the same urbanization financial services, coordinated credit, strengthening financial risk joint control, joint financial protection education publicity, and publicity and publicity.Promote inclusive finance and financial services.

Promoting suggestions and suggestions, implementing the responsibilities of grass -roots legislation contact points

In 2020, the guild was successfully selected as a list of grass -roots legislative contact points of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.The Association actively combines the work of grass -roots legislative contact points with the work of the guild, based on its own work characteristics, gives full play to the functions of the guild special committee and grass -roots legislative contact points, unblock public opinion to reflect channels, and carry out various forms of laws and regulations for consultation, publicity, popularization, discussion and exchangesWait for activities.

Over the years, the Association has organized many special committees to cooperate with the “Shanghai Data Regulations (Draft)”, “China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Regulations (Draft) Regulations (Draft)”, “Several Provisions of Green Financial Development in Pudong New District, Shanghai(Draft) “” Regulations on Promoting the Construction of the International Financial Center “,” Shanghai Development Method Green Transformation Promotion Regulations (Draft Draft Draft for Draft) “and other 8 regulations, submit a total of 186 feedback to the Shanghai Judiciary BureauOpinions, about 32 of the four regulations on the official release were adopted.

Green Finance, promote the sustainable development of the banking industry in Shanghai

The Association actively promotes the Shanghai Banking Financial Institution to implement the development concept of “green finance”, give full play to the role of Shanghai’s banking industry in promoting green development, vigorously develop “green finance”, and help implement the carbon peak carbon neutralization and national strategy.The guild has set up a special organizational structure -the green financial work group to play the leading role and professional advantages of the industry, promote the industry’s green financial innovation, and promote the high -quality development of the Shanghai banking industry.

Focusing on Shanghai Banking Industry Green Finance to help carbon -to -peak carbon neutralization strategy, the guild regularly carries out the annual Shanghai banking industry to practice green finance to help carbon peak carbon and the best financial practice case selection activity, and serve as the example of the banking of the Shanghai Banking industry; give full play to the guildThe role of the platform bridge, hold a series of seminars of online and offline green financial theory, policy and practice, and invite relevant functional departments, advanced industries, financial industry, college think tanks and other fields to conduct exchanges and investigations to contribute to the green financial industry;Learn related think tanks, strengthen research on topics, and write research reports such as “Practice and Thinking of Financial Innovation of Commercial Banks under the transformation of green low -carbon transformation”.In order to promote the industry’s understanding of green finance, the guild has also released the “Shanghai Banking Industry Green Financial Development Dynamics” to member units from time to time to further promote membership units to practice the green financial concept.