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Chen Gang: High standards to carry out party discipline learning and education to provide strong protection for high -level protection and high -quality development

Chen Gang emphasized when investigating in Golmi City, Haixi Prefecture
High standards to carry out party discipline learning and educationProvide a strong guarantee for high -level protection and high -quality development
Qinghai Daily Rong Media April 20 News(Reporter Mo Changwei) From April 18th to 19th, Chen Gang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, went to the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to investigate, emphasizing that it is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the major requirements for the work of the Supreme Leadership.Comprehensively understand the spirit of the meeting of the Central Party’s Construction Leading Group, carry out party discipline learning and education at high standards, and promote the expansion of comprehensively and strictly governing the party to the grass -roots level to the grass -roots level, effectively stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of officers in the province, and protect the high level of high levels of Qinghai.And high -quality development provides a strong guarantee.
“Did the party disciplinary study education class be held?” “What is the subsequent learning plan?” Chen Gang learned in detail after understanding the development of party discipline education and education in Golmud City. At present, party discipline learning and education are being carried out in depth.Learning deeply through the “Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China”, the first level leads a first -level study and the first level with the first level, promoting party members and cadres to keep in mind and implement the practice of discipline and implementation.The more party discipline education, the more you go to the grassroots level.Party members, cadres, discipline, discipline, Ming discipline, and absence.It is necessary to strengthen supervision and guidance so that grass -roots party members and cadres must know why they learn, what they learn, and how to learn, and ensure that learning does not go through the field and does not flow in form.
In the third round of the first batch of central ecological environmental protection inspectors, the problem of disorderly expansion of the development of the Salt Lake resource development of the Chaidama Basin was pointed out.Chen Gang came to Chalhan Iron East District and Qinghai Salt Lake Lanke Lithium Co., Ltd. to implement the implementation of the rectification of feedback and feedback on the spot.Class salt lake industry base.It is necessary to accelerate the improvement of the development plan and standard system of the salt lake industry, to rectify the feedback issues, and promote the development and utilization of salt lake resources on the right track, and submit a satisfactory answer to the Party Central Committee and the people of all ethnic groups in the province.
Chen Gang went to Nanshankou’s pumping water storage power station project site, China Greenfarta Group Luneng New Energy Co., Ltd. Qinghai Branch, Chaidami Cloud Data Center and Qinghai -Tibet Plateau Data Data Disaster to investigate the development of clean energy and green computing power industry.He emphasized that it is necessary to rely on the advantages of the vast desertification land in Chaidama, promote the construction of projects safely, high -quality, and efficiently, give full play to the key regulation of new energy storage, and accelerate the formation of clean energy industry clusters.It is necessary to accelerate the construction of the coordinated development of “calculation and transportation”, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence with the industrial chain, promote digital transformation and upgrading of industrial industries, and in -depth promotion of innovative development of clean energy and green computing power.
In the 32356 troops, Chen Gang understood the history of the army, visited and condolences officers and soldiers, and emphasized that it is necessary to promote the glorious tradition of dual support, consolidate military land joint efforts, and continuously consolidate the good situation of military, political, military, and civilians.At the Nanshankou Public Security Inspection Station, Chen Gang emphasized that it is necessary to further enhance the awareness of worry, the bottom line of the tree, and implement the “ten one” requirements of Ping An Qinghai construction, and keep the Qinghai “South Gate” and the “Great Artillery” of Qinghai -Tibet.
Zhu Xiangfeng participated.
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