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Create smart fascia gun Innovation products Yunmai to achieve a new mode of efficient relaxation with FiOT

Summary:This case describes the continuous thinking of Yunmai’s fascia gun category. Under the feedback of consumers, it continuously develops and deducts product functions.Operate the island and launch the industry’s first software -hardware connected smart -grade fascia gun product.In recent years, the competition of the track and relaxing tracks has been fiercely competitive, and the quality of fascia guns on the market varies. As a leading brand of fascia, Yunmai has adhered to the long -term research manpower and resources, and successfully launched the Yunmai smart fascia gun PB2.Equipped with innovative Genius Motion interactive system, it broke the mode of use of traditional fascia guns, and successfully constructed the family -grade fascia and relaxing industry watershed.

Key words:Fascia gun, scientific and technological innovation, consumer insights, muscle relaxation, intelligent interconnection, interactive system

Case text:

On July 19, 2022, Yunmai, as a innovative brand of fascia gun, launched a smart fascia gun -Yunmai Smart Fascia Gun PB2 for the first time.This product not only has the power performance of professional -grade fascia guns, but also breaks through the hardware operation of the traditional fascia gun. For the first time, it is equipped with the Genius Motion wisdom interactive system to open the software and hardware functions.It can start a fascia gun product with one click, and provide users with efficient relaxation solutions including intelligent interactive courses, smart massage and other functions.Whether it is an entry -level fitness person or a senior sports enthusiast, you can get an efficient relaxation experience with the help of the Yunmai Smart Fascia Gun PB2, maintain the best state, create a good posture, and make the exercise easier.

Smart interactive experience, technology blessing helps users to relax efficiently

The survey shows that affected by factors such as sports events and epidemics, the attention of “physical health” has a positive correlation with age, and older people pay more attention to their own health management.However, due to the limited channels for users to understand health information, the user’s sports habits are influenced by major channels KOL, and the “home movement” has become the choice of most users.Guided by the trend, many “fitness white” lacking professional sports knowledge has also joined the fitness army one after another.

Most of these entry -level “fitness white white” do not know how to make the correct muscle relaxation after exercise. Even if you buy fascia guns, the phenomenon of “buy it home and fight”.The relaxation operation, the muscles after exercise will still be tight, and the invalid relaxation will cause muscle pain to frequently appear.

“Let everyone learn the right muscle relaxation method” has become a problem in the industry. Do you let users go online to find tutorials on each massage?This is obviously unrealistic.Yunmai used for many years of experience in the field of movement relaxation to make breakthroughs in innovation, and using the independent Genius Motion interactive system to “implant” the fascia gun in the muscle relaxation tutorial.Users only need to turn on the designated motion to relax the curriculum mode in the software, and the fascia gun can dominate the massage. The user does not need to learn the massage course without additional to the video guidance presented in the light APP.Essence”The intensity of massage and the position that needs to be relaxed by different exercise” will be presented one by one in the good light app.Essence

This intelligent interactive course was developed and customized by the Yunmai Professional Sports Rehabilitation Team through many years of experience.It contains four major modules: relaxing after exercise, warm -up before exercise, daily activities and promoting health.Among them, the relaxation sector after exercise is rich in sports, including surfing, skateboarding, cycling, running, badminton, basketball, football, etc. In the future, it will continue to be updated, allowing users to have interactive courses that adapt their sports hobbies for a long time.Not only that, Yunmai is also targeted at a targeted relaxation course faced by modern people such as “home office, sedentary and sleep disorders”, and provides more muscle relaxation solutions in the scene.

Strong performance, professional -level relaxation experience

It is a professional and relaxed fascia gun product. Its speed and strike have threshold requirements, but it is not as good as advocating on the market. The faster the speed and the greater the blow, the better.Dr. Sun Xiaoyi, vice chairman of the China Sports Rehabilitation Industry Alliance, pointed out in an interview with the reporter of the China Consumer Daily that “the use of good product use brings less effort, but the use of pseudo -shoddy products or excessive use will be extremely reversed.”The amplitude and frequency will directly affect the effect of relaxation. The recommended range is about 10-16mm, and the vibration frequency is suitable for 30-50Hz.

Under the operation of the new vehicle -mounted strong magnetic engine, Yunmai Smart Fascia Gun PB2 can output 20kg professional -level strong thrust, which is directly reached 10mm deep muscle group.The demand for relaxation of the crowd.

In addition, because the fascia guns are mostly used after high -intensity exercise training, the fitness people also have quite high requirements for their weight and holding experience.While ensuring the professional strike performance, Yunmai Smart Fascia Gun PB2 has created a more light and easy to hold a comfortable and comfortable experience through multi -directional design such as structural shapes.The 105 ° diagonal mechanical shape can touch the body more flexibly, increasing the actual effective effect of fascia gun; 600G light body can effectively reduce the pressure of the wrist and achieve long -term holding without tired hands.Yunmai Smart Fascia Gun PB2 is also equipped with Magic Touch Demonstration and 4 SPA care massage heads. Combined with intelligent interactive functions, it can help different muscle groups to restore elasticity and satisfy more useful use of fitness experts.need.

Stick to the original intention and create professional products

The General Office of the State Council held the publicity and popularization of health knowledge on the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” National Health Plan, and called on the whole people to participate in fitness exercises.As a head brand in the field of professional sports, Yunmai Technology has always adhered to the concept of “technology makes sports easier”. In the context of new market scenes and new needs, Yunmai Smart Fascia Gun PB2 came into being.Important tasks of mass muscle relaxation operation.