Education!Jining Public Institutions Public Recruitment!
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Education!Jining Public Institutions Public Recruitment!

2024 Jining City’s Public Institutions

Public recruitment staff (education) Shiner

According to the annual public recruitment plan of Jining City Public Institutions (Education) and the “Notice of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and Social Security of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and Social Security on Public Recruitment of Primary and Middle School Kindergarten Teachers in 2024 (Teacher Lu [2024]No. 11) Requirement that the relevant matters of Jining City Public Institutions (Education) are now announced as follows: as follows:

1. Recruitment conditions

(1) Have the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;

(2) The age should be under the age of 40 (born after April 1983);

(3) Comply with the Constitution and Law;

(4) Have good moral character and physical conditions and psychological quality of the post;

(5) Professional, academic qualifications, degree and teacher qualifications with post requirements;

(6) Other conditions required for recruitment positions;

(7) Other conditions stipulated in laws and regulations.

In active soldiers, non -intended graduates who are studying, those who have been punished for criminal punishment for crimes, personnel who are expelled from the party, and they are expelled from public office, are listed as persons who have been disciplinary in accordance with the law.Personnel must not be hired.

Chinese citizens among Hong Kong and Macau residents can apply for qualified positions.

Taiwanese students who have obtained the full -time college degree in mainland China and other Taiwanese residents who have obtained their academic qualifications for the mainland of the motherland can apply for qualified positions in public cultural service institutions.

For a full -time graduate of the senior technical school (technician college), if you obtain vocational qualifications (vocational skills levels) of senior workers and preparatory technicians (including technicians) at the time of graduation, they can follow qualified positions in accordance with college and undergraduate degree.

Candidates shall not apply for positions stipulated in the situation stipulated in the “Regulations on the Avoidance of Personnel Management” (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs [2019] No. 1).

If the recruitment position has clear requirements for the work experience, the applicants must submit the corresponding work experience proof.The social practice, internship, and part -time job experience of college graduates during the school as the work experience.The work experience is accumulated in full year, and the working life is calculated as of April 2024.

2. Recruitment position

For the specific requirements of the post conditions and recruiters of public institutions (education), please refer to the “Summary Form for Public Recruitment of Public Recruitment of Public Recruitment of Public Institutions in Jining in 2024” (Annex 1).

3. Registration and qualification review

(1) Registration

Registration adopts a unified time, online registration, online preliminary review, and online payment.The city’s unified registration system is limited to one post in the city (including counties and cities).

1. Personal registration

Registration time: 9:00 on April 25, 2024 -16:00 on April 28th

Query time: April 25, 2024 11: 00 -April 29th 16:00

Registration website: Jining Education Bureau website (

Candidates log in to the specified registration website, fill in, submit personal information and upload photos as required.Everyone is limited to one position.Candidates can modify the registration information before the preliminary examination of the recruitment unit. The subsequent replacement of the previous information is automatically replaced. Once the registration information is approved by the recruitment unit, it cannot be changed.After 16:00 on April 28, 2024, if the unit has not yet passed the preliminary trial or the preliminary trial, it cannot be re -reported to other positions, and the registration information cannot be modified or supplemented.

Candidates must use valid identity documents for registration and examinations. Personal information such as the names and documents of the applicants must be true and consistent.If you have malicious registered registration information and disturb the registration order, the qualifications for this registration will be canceled after verification.Candidates’ performance during the application period will be one of the important contents of public recruitment inspections.

Candidates need to contact the recruitment unit directly when the professional, academic qualifications, degrees, degree, avoidance situations, and other qualifications require the recruitment position.The recruitment unit’s consultation phone can be queried by Annex 1.

2. The unit’s preliminary review

Preliminary review time: April 25, 2024 11: 00 -April 29th 16:00

The recruitment unit shall designate a special person in charge of the preliminary examination of the qualification (no rest on holidays), check the online registration situation of the unit in time, conduct a serious qualification review, and confirm the results of the preliminary examination.Those who have the qualifications for registration and meet the requirements of the application shall not refuse to register; for those who have not passed the preliminary examination, the reason for the preliminary examination shall be explained; if the submitted materials are incomplete, the lack of content shall be indicated and the applicants shall be returned to supplement.During the online registration, the recruitment unit shall arrange a special person on duty and provide consulting services.For those who pass the preliminary examination, the recruitment unit shall retain the registration information of the candidates for the use of qualification review.

3. Online payment

Payment time: April 25, 2024 11: 00 -April 30th 16:00

Personnel who pass the preliminary examination must log in to the registration system within the specified time for online payment. If the online payment is not performed after the deadline, it is deemed to have given up.After the registration is successful, no refunds will be refunded.

Candidates should pay the interview test fee of 70 yuan per person.Candidates who intend to enjoy the examination fee will be applied to the procedures for reduction in expenses and exemption in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

After the registration is over, the number of hires will not reach a 1: 3 proportion of recruitment positions. If one person plans to recruit 1 person, the recruitment position is canceled; if more than two people are planned to recruit, the number of recruiters will be reduced accordingly according to the prescribed proportion.The nuclear reduction and cancellation of the recruitment plan were announced on the website of Jining Education Bureau (

Cancer applicants who cancel the recruitment position shall be applied for by myself within the prescribed time, and can be renamed other eligible positions in Annex 1, and the report can be changed only once.After the applicants are successfully paid, pay attention to the cancellation of the post announcement and keep the communication unobstructed.

(2) On -site qualification review

The time, place, and specific requirements of the on -site qualification review will be notified separately on the website of Jining Education Bureau.The entire process of qualification review runs through the recruitment work, and those who fail to meet the qualifications or falsify the law, no matter which stage or link, once verified, the qualification for application or employment is canceled.The qualification review before the candidate’s interview is conducted on the spot by the recruitment unit.The recruitment unit shall be elected to the qualification conditions of the personnel to be applied to the qualification conditions for strict review, and be responsible for the results of the qualification review.The recruitment unit should also review the applicability of the applicants.

Candidates need to submit valid identity documents to the recruitment unit or its competent authority in accordance with the requirements of the recruitment position, “Registration Form for Public Recruitment (Education) Public Recruitment (Education) in Jining City in 2024”, “Application of Jining City Public Institutions Staff (Education)”Integrity commitment”, 1 inch recent version of the same version (the same bottom version as the admission ticket photo) and related certification materials.Related certification materials mainly include:

(1) General colleges and universities in 2024 graduates shall submit the employment recommendation form issued by the school.The Teaching and Research Hall [2016] No. 2 and Teaching and Research Hall letter [2019] No. 1 stipulates that the non -full -time graduate students who have accepted after December 1, 2016 and graduated from 2024, submitted the employment recommendation form or other certification materials issued by the school.

(2) The 2024 fresh graduates who have signed an employment agreement with the employer must also submit the “Agree to Application Certificate” with the official seal of the human rights departments (units) with the official human rights departments (units).

(3) General colleges and universities in the country (border) in 2024 graduates who graduate from the same period of the same period must submit a valid identity document, a commitment to obtain an academic degree certificate and academic degree certification materials within the prescribed time;) Those who have a foreign academic degree certificate, but those who have not been certified by the education department, must also provide the national (border) foreign degree certificate and the translation information issued by qualified institutions, and make the country to obtain the country before September 30th.(Land) The promise of foreign academic degree certification materials.

(4) For other personnel applied, submit a valid identity document and a state -recognized academic degree certificate (must be obtained before April 25, 2024).

(5) If the employee and the graduates of the orientation committee are applied, they must submit the “Agree to Application Certificate” with the official seal of the useful human rights departments (units).Before the registration of the staff should fully understand the relevant laws and regulations or the relevant regulations of the relevant laws and regulations or their units and relevant competent departments on whether they allow the examination and resignation.

(6) Teacher qualification certificate for post requirements.Those who have not obtained the teacher qualification certificate have been submitted to the teacher qualification examination certificate or the screenshot of the written test qualification score or the professional ability certificate of the teacher’s teacher (the college where the freshman students are located have not issued a teacher’s professional ability certificate for the current teacher, and the commitment will be provided.The book promises to obtain the corresponding teacher qualification certificate before August 31, 2024.

(7) Other materials required for job qualification conditions.

If the review is not required, the recruitment qualification is canceled.If the relevant materials are not submitted within the prescribed time, it is deemed to be abstained.

4. Exam content and method

The test adopts the method of interviewing and then writing, all of which use the percentage system to calculate the results.In the same recruitment position, the number of applicants who passed the final review exceeds the recruitment plan 1: 5 ratio, and the initial test link is increased, and the interview is performed directly without exceeding.

(1) First test

The preliminary test method will be notified separately through the number of applicants, and adopts trial lectures, defense, and professional skills testing. Under the supervision and guidance of the Municipal Education Bureau, the recruitment units will be organized and implemented.Specific requirements, time and place to log in to the website of Jining Education Bureau for inquiries.According to the initial test score, it is determined to enter the interviewer according to the proportion of the recruitment position 1: 5. If the last initial test score is tied, enter the interview together.The initial test score is not included in the interview results.

(2) Interview

The interview work is organized and implemented by the Municipal Education Bureau in accordance with public recruitment of relevant recruitment of public institutions.The interview is conducted in a trial method.The interview score is calculated by a percentage system. Calculate the two digits after the decimal point, and the end is four.The interview score is 70 points, which is eligible for cancellation of less than 70 points.The interview results were judged by the interviewer on the spot, and announced to the interviewer after the interview.

For the specific measures, time, and place of the interview, please visit the website of Jining Education Bureau for inquiries.

According to the interview score, according to the proportion of 1: 3 of the recruitment position, the person who enters the written test scope from high to low scores, and the final score of the person who enters the written test scope is tied together to enter the written test scope together.There is a vacant position in the vacancy of the interview, and the recruitment is canceled; if the number does not reach the prescribed proportion, it is determined by the actual number of qualified persons to determine the written test candidates.The vacancies caused by abstaining or disqualification, and the interview scores are replenished in turn on the interview score line.The interview results and the list of personnel entering the written test are announced on the website of Jining Education Bureau.

(3) Written test

Written test time: 9:00 am to 11:00 am on May 26, 2024.

See the authentication test.

Candidates need to log in to the registration website from 9:00 on May 23, 2024 to 9:30 on May 26th, and download and print the “Education Test Certificate for Public Recruitment Staff (Education) of Jining Public Institutions in 2024”.

The written test work is organized and implemented by the Municipal Education Bureau in accordance with the public recruitment of relevant recruitment of public institutions.The written test is only one subject. The content is the basic knowledge of education (including the knowledge of education, education psychology, education laws and regulations, related knowledge of teachers’ professional ethics, education common sense, etc.) and the use of education and teaching theory in education and teaching.Examine the ability to analyze and solve practical problems of education and teaching.The written test takes a unified examination, unified standards, and unified scrolls.

The written test score is found on the website of Jining Education Bureau.The written test adopts a percentage system. After the written test is over, the Municipal Education Bureau will determine the written score line of the written test based on the post recruitment plan and the written test situation.In the written test qualification score line, the total score of the candidate is calculated based on the interview score accounting for 60%of the scores and 40%of the written test score.The total score of the exam is calculated to the two digits after the decimal point, and the end is four.If the total scores are tied in the same recruitment position, the candidates for the scope of the examination from the high score to the low score will be determined from the high score to the low score in order. The interview results are still the same.

In accordance with the provisions of Lufa’s reform cost [2018] No. 1427, the written test fee is 40 yuan.

5. Examination and physical examination

According to the total score of the candidate, from the ratio of high to the low score at 1: 2, it is determined to enter the scope of the scope of the medical examination.The medical examination is under the unified guidance of the municipal institution’s public recruitment of the competent authority, and the competent department of the recruitment unit is responsible for organizing and implementing it.The competent department of the recruitment unit can determine the order of inspection and medical examinations in accordance with the actual actual situation, and organize it to organize it.

The inspection can be carried out in various ways according to the requirements of the job conditions. It mainly examines ideological and political performance, morality, ability quality, learning and work performance, abide by discipline and law, integrity and self -discipline, job matching, etc.Whether the appliance personnel meet the prescribed post qualification conditions, whether the relevant information materials provided are true and accurate.In accordance with the “Notice of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and other four departments on the Implementation of the Implementation of the Implementation of the Inquiry of Teaching Workers” (Teacher Luhan [2023] No. 35).At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the personnel file management of cadres, the files of the inspection objects are strictly reviewed.The competent department of the recruitment unit made a conclusion of inspection based on the inspection.

The medical examination should be carried out at a comprehensive hospital at or above the county level. The medical examination standards and the project refer to the implementation of the medical examination standards and operation manuals of the civil servants, and the state has other regulations.According to the “Notice of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and Social Security of the Shandong Province’s Human Resources and Social Security on the Public Recruitment of Primary and Middle School Kindergarten Teachers in 2024” (Teacher Luhan [2024] No. 11), the applicants conducted a psychological health test.If the re -examination is required in accordance with the regulations, it is not allowed to conduct at the primary inspection hospital. The re -examination can only be performed once.Candidates who have not participated in the medical examination at the prescribed time and place are deemed to have given up.

The vacancies caused by abandoning inspection, physical examination or inspection, or unqualified physical examination, and replenishment in order from those who enter the scope of medical examinations in the same post.

6. Publicity hiring

The personnel who are qualified for examinations, inspections, and medical examinations are uniformly announced by the Jining Education Bureau. After the publicity, it will not be replenished. The publicity period is 7 working days.If there are objections during the publicity period, the competent department of the recruitment unit shall make a conclusion in accordance with relevant regulations.At the expiry of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the problem does not affect the employment, the competent department of the recruitment unit shall submit an employment opinion, and the municipal institutions will be reported to the municipal institution to publicly recruit the competent authority to go through the filing procedures.Those who reflect the problem that they have been investigated and affect the employment will not be hired.Those who meet the hired conditions will publicly recruit the competent authority of the municipal institution to issue the “Notice of Recruitment of Jining City Public Institutions”, and the recruitment unit shall go through the relevant procedures with the “Jining City Institution Recruitment Notice”.The recruitment unit and the recruited personnel signed an employment contract in accordance with regulations to establish personnel relationships.The recruitment unit can agreed to the minimum service life with the employed person according to the needs of the work.The recipients implement the probation period in accordance with the regulations, formally employed in the expiration, and unqualified hire contracts.

Seven, others

1. The subsequent notice, announcement, and publicity of the recruitment will also be announced on the registration website. Candidates are requested to pay attention to the relevant information at any time, and the telephone remaining at the time of registration will be unobstructed.

2. The recruitment test does not specify the tutoring book, does not hold or entrusts any institution to hold an examination counseling class.

3. The “above”, “following”, “before”, “previous”, “later”, and “later” published by the briefing, post summary form, and application notes issued by this recruitment all include this level and base.

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