ESPN presents multiple Lillard trade scenarios; Netizens highlight 2 that could reshape NBA
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ESPN presents multiple Lillard trade scenarios; Netizens highlight 2 that could reshape NBA

Blazers-Pelicans trade package

Blazers out: Lillard, Nurkic

Pelicans Out: Zion, Jrue Holiday, Dyson Daniels, Kiera Lewis, Marshall

Netflix View:

Blazers: Zion is talented, but lacks professionalism, does a poor job of managing his size, and his injury potential is so great that the Blazers may not dare to take the risk.
Pelicans: get Lillard + Nurkic after the strength to improve significantly, but from the championship there is still a great distance.

This deal is very risky for both sides, the Blazers got Zion, but also have to take his injury risk. The Pelicans get Lillard and Nurkic, but they also need to find a star for Zion that can partner with him to make a real championship push.

Blazers-Raptors trade scenario

Blazers out: Lillard

Raptors Out: Anunoby, Boucher, Thaddeus Young, Grady Dick, 2 first round picks

Netizens view:

Blazers: would agree to the package, but the Raptors would not agree to the trade.
Raptors: defense is falling apart and Lillard coming in won’t allow the Raptors to win in the moment.

The deal is a better deal for the Blazers, who get young players like Anunoby, Boucher, Thaddeus Young, and two first-round picks to stockpile assets for the rebuild. But the Raptors won’t agree to the deal because they need a star who can help them win immediately, and Lillard is 33 years old, he can’t make the Raptors win in the moment.

ESPN presents multiple Lillard trade scenarios; Netizens highlight 2 that could reshape NBA

Blazers-Heat trade scenario

Blazers send: Lillard, Nurkic

Heat send: Shilo, Lowry, Jovic, Jaime Harkes Jr, ’27 & ’29 first round picks, ’28 & ’30 first round swap rights

Netflix View:

Blazers: hope the Heat can give Martin, Jovic might move the Blazers.
Heat: If willing to give Jovic, this deal is expected to get done.

This deal is more favorable to both sides, the Heat got Lillard and Nurkic, and can form a trio of Butler + Lillard + Adebayo to become a top team in the league. The Trail Blazers got young players such as Hilo, Lowry, Jovic, and two first-round picks, which can stockpile assets for the rebuild.

Trail Blazers and Clippers, 76ers three-way deal

Blazers send Lillard, get Korkmaz + Maxi + Springer + Batum + Coffey + Morris Jr. + ’28 & ’30 first-round swap rights.

Clippers send Mann + Powell + Covington + Batum + Coffey + Morris Jr. + ’28 & ’30 first-round swap rights to get Harden + Harris.

76ers send Harden + Harris + Maxi + Korkmaz + Springer to get Lillard + Mann + Powell + Covington.

Netflix View:

Clippers: if healthy, the combo could turn the NBA around, but the 76ers shouldn’t agree to the deal.

This deal is very favorable for the Clippers, they get a combination of Lillard + Harden + Willis + Harris, which can be the most powerful team in the league. But the 76ers should not agree to this deal, because they can’t win in the present, but also have no future, it is a losing deal for them.


Currently, the Lillard deal is not yet finalized, the Blazers and Heat are negotiating, but the two sides have not yet found a mutually acceptable solution.

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