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Fashion docking: Clothing brand and underwear chain feast will be grandly opened at the Chaoshan Services Expo

  From March 28th to 30th, the third Chaoshan Service Expo will be grandly opened at the Shantou Expo Center, Guangdong.This year’s service expo has a total of 12 exhibition halls and 21 exhibition areas. 15 industrial clusters will be exhibited. More than 800 well -known domestic and foreign textile and apparel companies will come.

  Faced with business opportunities, the Chaoshan Service Expo has followed the trend. On March 28th, 14: 00-16: 00 will carry out the clothing brand and underwear chain selection matching meeting at Hall 1 of Shantou Expo Center to help enterprises open more business opportunities.This year’s clothing brand and underwear chain selection docking will invite 30 well -known domestic clothing brands and underwear chain brands to focus on clothing, knitted underwear and other sectors, preferably 200+ foundry/suppliers who satisfy OEM/ODM experience to participate in this docking meetingEssence

Participating chain list

_ _ _ 吧 _

Wuxi Red Bean Home

Shenzhen Xiangmi lady

Shanghai hot wind

Guangzhou Metropolis New Feelings

Shenzhen Huishang Women’s Heart

Guangzhou Jierner

Sichuan Seven Color Textiles

Madi, Wuhan

Shenzhen Ciqi Shi

Fujian Purple Flower

Jinan Huarian Group

Lanzhou Henglan Clothing

Shanghai Yimeihe body dress

Shenzhen Qianzer

Hebei Jinmiao underwear

Sichuan Lianmei underwear

HunanJi Lian Dayi

Shenzhen mybody

Xi’an Catyuan

Hunan celebrity home

Hangzhou Dafanni

Ningbo Boyang

Guangzhou V21

Xinjiang for Ai Yiyi

Chifeng Hualu with chain

Hangzhou Aishita

Yunnan Gold Bag and Silver

Sichuan 翎

Guangxi Muziqi Clothing

Xinjiang aggregation terminal

(*names not listed in order)


  Underwear, home clothing, underwear, knitwear, branches, heating underwear, bottoming shirt, bodybuilding, sweater, T -shirt, men’s/women’s clothing, functional underwear, gown, sports underwear, swimwear, yoga clothes, Fashion, socks, towels, accessories, facial auxiliary materials, accessories, yarns, equipment, ODM/OEM, e -commerce platform, cross -border e -commerce, service provider, chain institution, Internet celebrity institution, etc.

  Selected products will adopt clothing brands and underwear chain channel VS suppliers1 to 1On -site negotiation forms to build a cooperation platform for both parties, and different channels meet different cooperation needs such as brands and supply chain companies!

  Event Details

  Time: March 28 14: 00-16: 00

  Location: Hall 1 -Selected Product Docking Area