Gui’an "this year" | Weaving "Health Network" makes the masses more "medical"
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Gui’an "this year" | Weaving "Health Network" makes the masses more "medical"

Medical is connected to people’s livelihood, and people’s livelihood is connected to the hearts of the people.Since the High -quality Development Conference of Gui’an New District has been held, Gui’an New District has closely focused on the needs of the masses to “see the disease and seek medical treatment nearby”, make up for the shortcomings, weaknesses, and excellent services., Make the masses more “medical”.
The village clinic is the closest medical resources from the villages and households.Recently, the reporter saw in the Centers of Kai Sa Village, Malaysia Town that the blood pressure meters, diagnostic tables, infusion rooms, pharmaceutical cabinets and other facilities were equipped with complete facilities. From time to time, villagers came to consult and seek medical treatment.
“In response to the reality of the village, we have set up hypertension and diabetes ‘two diseases’ cabinets. The medicine is sufficient to meet everyone’s medication needs.” Chen Mingying, staff member of the Centers of Kai Sa Village, said that last year, the toilet also added an electromagnetic wave therapy device, and the toilet also added an electromagnetic wave therapist, andOxygen absorbers and oxygen cylinders can be described as “all five internal organs.”
Since last year, Malaysia Town has carried out quality transformation of 27 village -level clinics in the town, promoted the cultivation of “village doctors” talents, promoted “family doctors’ signing services” to enter the village, so that the masses can enjoy medical services at their doorsteps.Implement “small illnesses without going out of the village”.
“Whoever has a headache at home can make a telephone consultation with the” family doctor “, worry -free and convenient.” Han Felian, a villager in the village of Malaysia Town, said that since the “family doctor” service of the Malaysian Town Central Health Center signed in June last yearSince then, doctors will regularly perform physical examinations for the whole family to monitor blood pressure and blood sugar, which is very intimate.
According to Li Zhixi, Dean of the Central Health Center of Malaysia Town, since last year, the health center has started from the aspects of construction scale, department settings, and informatization construction to integrate high -quality medical resources in the region, create a special department of oral, gynecological, and traditional Chinese medicine.The supply, extending service time, and “20 articles of convenient measures to benefit the people” in the content of family doctors, and strive to solve the pain points of insufficient medical service capabilities in rural areas.
“In response to the needs of the masses to see a doctor, in addition to the 24 -hour duty in the emergency department, we also clarified that other clinical departments have been delayed from 17 to 20, and children’s immunization outpatient clinics will not rest on weekends., To add the Taihao Medical Point and Racecourse Clinic to solve the problem of medical treatment. “Li Zhixi said, the next step will create the” massesHospital in front of the house “.
On May 13th, the unveiling ceremony of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine University (Gui’an New District University City Hospital), marking the opening of all -weather, all -round medical and health services, while meeting the high -quality development needs of Gui’an New DistrictLet the surrounding residents enjoy more convenient and high -quality medical services.
Xie Min, deputy dean of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine University City Hospital, introduced that the University Town Hospital manages the current model of the first and second affiliated hospitals of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.At present, the hospital is further improving the department, setting up internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, and acupuncture and massage department.All kinds of medical security, emergency rescue and physical examination.
Let the masses see more medical “relying”, and continue to improve the well -being of people’s livelihood. The Gui’an New District not only focuses on the service of the “door”, allows the people to “run less legs”, but also strive to improve the medical environment, improve the medical level, allow more patientsYou can “see the serious illness” without getting out of the province.
Recently, Sun Xiangzhou, the party committee secretary and chief physician of the Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan First Hospital, conducted part partial partial epidal of the left side of the laparoscopy for a patient. The adrenal tumor that plagued patients had troubled patients was successfully removed, allowing patients to repeatedly surge in blood pressure.
“I saw Professor Sun Xiangzhou on TV for popular science in this area. He had experience in this regard in this regard, so he came here. The operation was very successful, and our family was very happy.” The patient’s family said.
Guizhou Hospital of Zhongshan First Hospital is a public comprehensive third -level hospital co -established by the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government and the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University.In July last year, the hospital was approved by the National Regional Medical Center.The construction of the National Regional Medical Center is an important measure to promote the expansion and sinking of high -quality medical resources and the balanced layout of the regional regional.The top medical resources are in Gui’an, and the masses can enjoy national high -quality medical services at their doorsteps, which greatly alleviates the problem of the masses’ “difficulty in seeing a doctor, expensive medical treatment, and far away.”
Health is the expectation of the masses, and there are thousands of households in the development of health and health.Next, Gui’an New District will continue to improve and improve the high -quality and efficient medical and health service system, promote the balanced development of health and health undertakings, and continuously improve the health and satisfaction of the masses.
Reporter Xie Menghang