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How to exercise correctly, what are the benefits of exercise

Is your sports concept correct?Many people have sports habits, like to play basketball, jogging, swimming, etc.; However, the exercise steps may not be correct.Experts are simulating Li to recommend that water should be supplemented before being late.
1. Exercise benefits, many healthy body is healthier
According to domestic and foreign studies, exercise can increase resistance, release stress, maintain a happy mood, and prevent various diseases, such as obesity, osteoporosis, chronic diseases, dementia, muscle, and even cancer.
2. Make hydration, warm up and stretching before exercise
Is there a correct step in exercise?Before 30 minutes of exercise, add 200 to 250cc of moisture; then do the movement of warm -up socks, improve the muscle temperature and elasticity, stretch joint activity; remember to do stretching exercise, each movement lasts more than 10 seconds to improve, improveThe body is soft and relieved, and the exercise frequency is best to be at least 3 days a week.
3. Remember to exercise 1 hour after moisturizing meals during exercise