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Hui Na Technology and its subsidiaries will be exciting for 2024 China Commercial Real Estate Industry Development Forum

  From March 23 to 25, the China Commercial Real Estate Industry Development Forum was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, the China Commercial Real Estate Industry Development Forum.The forum is based on the theme of “New Consumption, New Engine and New Opportunities” to explore industry cooperation and innovation opportunities.

  As a forum strategic partner, () () (stock code: 300609.SZ) was invited to appear at this conference, and participated in the on -site exhibition, exchange reception, keynote speech and other heavy links to exchange and share new opportunities for wisdom change.


  New ideas of the night of Hui Na Night

  On the evening of March 23, the “Hua Night” exchange wine party hosted by Huina Technology was successfully held. Hundreds of commercial real estate industry elites gathered in Guangzhou, agreed to develop, and talk about the future.At the reception, Zhang Hongjun, the founder of Huina Technology, gave a welcome speech.

  At the reception of the reception, the guests actively launched exchanges and interactions, and actively explored cooperation opportunities in combination with their respective fields.

  The “Hua Night” exchange reception will set up communication and cooperation for commercial real estate peopleplatform, For business partnersLinkProvide important opportunities to allow commercial real estate people to conduct in -depth exchanges in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, stimulate more commercial sparks, and create a better future in the future.


  Topic sharing communism new opportunities for business development

  At the main forum of the conference, Pan Xiaojun, co -president of Huina Technology, and Zhang Wei, Vice President of Hui Na Science and Technology, published the keynote speeches of “Digital Intelligent Observation of Ecology of the AI Times Shopping Center” and “Traffic Directions in Commercial Body”.The construction and operation of business digital intelligence shared the latest thinking and innovative practice of Huina Technology.

  Pan Xiaojun mentioned, AIeraThe data value will be further prominent.The three breakthrough points that can bring changes in the physical industry in the future are: application, data and models.Application is easy to use, more high -quality data, more intelligent model decision -making.High -quality data provides an important foundation for big data modeling. Modeling based on high -quality data can develop multi -level applications in the physical industry, such as helping enterprises understand the market and competitive environment, do channel planning and site selection;Evaluation of the effect, optimize the allocation of operating resources; make a good assessment of store value evaluation through traffic data insights, etc., use big data to provide scientific decision -making basis with big data, so as to use data to speak and make decisions more intelligent.

  According to Zhang Wei, the intelligent identification combines the knowledge system knowledge with business scenario knowledge. Based on digital technology, while realizing the basic passenger flow orientation, let users and related services establish a deeper levelconnectThrough the digital upgrade of the space guide system, the transformation and transformation of retention from flow orientation to retention can help business space to improve digital service capabilities.


  Honor blessing is re -recognized by the industry

  On the evening of March 24, the “Xingyao Award” award ceremony was held.Huiyun, a subsidiary of Huina Technology, was recognized by the industry with its outstanding technological innovation capabilities and service capabilities, and won the “2023 Commercial Real Estate Excellent Service Agency” award.

  Huike Yun adheres to the continuous innovation of user needs, helping physical business through digital intelligence construction and data services, to improve the level of refinement and intelligent operation, and provide users with services such as data collection management, application analysis smart decision -making, AI modeling prediction and other services.Helps the intellectual transformation of physical commercial digital.


  The theme exhibition area digital intelligence capabilities panoramic presence

  In the forum theme exhibition area, Hui Na Technology brought its subsidiaries Huiyun, Qianmu Information, and Yunjing together to concentrate on display in the core capabilities of artificial intelligence and big data and the solution of different business scenarios such as commerce and retail.The plan system has attracted many participants to stop to watch, consult and negotiate.