Jinxiang County, Jining City: Promote the expansion of quality and quality of county education, and create a brand of "Lide Tree Gold Education"
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Jinxiang County, Jining City: Promote the expansion of quality and quality of county education, and create a brand of "Lide Tree Gold Education"

  May 8th (Reporter Xu Jingchun) On May 7, Jining City’s “Focusing on Education’s High -quality Development Struggle Write the People’s Satisfactory Education Answer Paper” theme series press conference (Jinxiang special session) was held, and relevant departments of Jining, Jinxiang County were responsible forThe person introduced the situation and answered questions from reporters.

  Jinxiang is a well -known hometown of garlic, the hometown of integrity, and the hometown of longevity. The total area of the county is 886 square kilometers and the population is 640,000.There are 249 schools and kindergartens at all levels in the county, with 132,300 students in the school and 112,000 faculty and staff.In recent years, the Jinxiang County Party Committee and the County Government have established the high -quality development headquarters of the Education of the Secretary of the County Party Committee and the county head of the county party committee and the county chief.”Quality Development Ten Policies” and other series of documents, unswervingly grasping investment, strong foundations, and promoting reforms, the county’s education has shown a good trend of development.

  Focus on expanding quality and quality, and high -quality educational resources continue to expand.Since the “14th Five -Year Plan”, 65 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have been renamed and expanded. The publicity rates and inclusive rates of preschool education have reached 77%and 97.06%, respectively.The Education and Sports Bureau approved the third batch of “smart education demonstration zones” creation units in Shandong Province.Throughout the implementation of the four major actions of “forging souls, conservation of ethics, enhancement of teachers, and incentives”, a total of 1006 supplementary teachers were recruited in the past three years.Continue to carry out the activities of teachers’ “post training, business competition, basic skills training” activities, create 1 provincial -level class teacher studio, 26 municipal teachers studios, and more than 1,700 famous teachers at or above the municipal level.

  Focus on promoting reform, and the quality of education and teaching has steadily improved.The county’s high -quality kindergarten accounted for 49.66%, and the development experience of compulsory education in urban and rural areas was promoted in the province; Jinxiang No.1 Middle School and Jinxiang No. 2 Middle School were established as municipal characteristic schools.Evaluate the general high school special discipline bases in Shandong Province; improve 22 professional clothing points in vocational education, create 1 provincial -level specialized construction major, 5 municipal brands, and sign “3+2” talent training with Jining Vocational and Technical College and other universitiesThe agreement is further improved.The three units of the County Education and Sports Bureau, First Middle School, and Second Middle School were rated as the city’s “high school education performance outstanding units”.

  Focusing on the five education, the comprehensive quality of students is continuously enhanced.Adhere to the people of Liteshu, the soul -casting people, and highlight the leadership of the party building. Jinxiang students have repeatedly achieved good achievements in various events such as disciplines, literature, science and technology, and aerospace.The county’s ideological and political courses have been promoted in the city. The “Golden Heart escort” operation has been highly praised by parents. 17 primary and secondary schools have won the honor of the national football characteristic schools, the national earthquake -proof disaster reduction demonstration school, etc.Won a typical case of Shandong Province, three athletes won 2 gold and 1 copper at the 19th Asian Games, creating the best achievements in the city (city, district) in the city.Traditional culture has been promoted and reported by media such as “Guangming Daily” and other media.

  Lide Shi people, far away.In the next step, Jinxiang County will fully implement the arrangement of superiors on educational work in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee’s “Three Dare and Four Dare to implement the implementation and take advantage of the momentum.”Preschool education popularize the “six major actions” such as inclusive education, compulsory education high -quality balance, high -quality high -quality high school education, high -quality vocational education, high -quality innovation in vocational education, and the development of private education, and the integration of campus sports, mass sports, competitive sports integration, and strengthen teachers, education, teaching, andThe “three guarantees” such as education equipment, deepen the “two mechanisms” of the upward strike and work style construction, effectively keep the “row of bottom lines”, and strive to run the people’s satisfactory education.

  Put down “first chess” to ensure the priority development of education.Education is used as the “first -leading” project. The county party committee and county government listen to work reports every month to study and solve difficult problems in a timely manner.Vigorously implement the basic education promotion plan, and give a comprehensive priority to ensure the development of education from the aspects of capital investment, policy support, and project construction.Taking the opportunity of the establishment of high -quality balance counties in compulsory education and the popularization of President Education National Preschool Education as the opportunity to promote the establishment of the Pharisian County, vigorously promote the six “three -year action plans” of high -quality education, and go all out to promote the high -quality development of education.

  Do “basic disk” to increase the supply of high -quality resources.There are 13 construction education projects, including 5 kindergarten projects, and 1260 new degrees, further enhance the high -quality and inclusive level of preschool education; 5 primary and secondary school hotspots projects, 5,310 new degrees, continuously promoting the high -quality balanced development of compulsory education;Implement the first and second middle school digging and amplification projects, and 1,450 new public high school degrees are added, and the proportion of junior high school graduates in the county will reach 70%of the general high school;Further improve the level of running schools.Adopting measures such as talent introduction and campus recruitment, this year, this year enriched 268 teachers and comprehensively met the needs of teachers in all semesters. At the same time, through centralized learning, follow -up exercise, etc., teachers’ pre -job training was strengthened to improve the professional literacy of new teachers.

  Activate the “new engine” to promote high -quality development of education.Taking the opportunity of the “Smart Education Demonstration Zone” in Shandong Province, it plans to update 46 computers, 500 sets of smart blackboards, laboratory, recording and broadcast rooms, etc., and focus on improving the modern level of education equipment.Promote the precision teaching of digital classrooms and create a new model of digital education.Relying on the post -school service society and youth activity centers, make full use of the national smart education public service platform, strengthen scientific education in primary and secondary schools, improve the scientific literacy of youth, and cultivate scientific and technological innovation talents.

  Play the “combination boxing” to promote comprehensive progress of students.Strengthen morality education, continue to do a good job in the “gold class” of ideological politics and politics, and the ideological and politics of the course, combined with team activities to innovate moral educational carriers, carry out the preaching and red education practice activities of the whole environment, and guide the cultivation of students to consciously practice the core values of socialism.Improve the education of intellectual education, improve the quality of talent training through excitement of inspiration, platform assistance, increasing wisdom, self -discipline and strong wisdom.Strengthen physical education, open enough physical education, enrich the activities of sunlight, increase the time of exercise in the school, implement the “435” working method of vision protection, and improve the health level of students’ physical fitness.Planting Aesthetic Education Education, holding the art festival of primary and secondary schools, enriching the special after -school service associations such as opera, calligraphy, calligraphy, ceramics, exploring the construction of aesthetic education community, and creating a new county aesthetic ecology of “one -piece multi -wing, beauty and beauty”.Strengthen labor education, “one school, one case” improves the list of labor education, give full play to the role of outside work practice bases, enhance the labor literacy of young people, and cultivate newcomers in the era of working, loving labor, and labor.

  Tighten the “safety strings” to protect the safety and health of teachers and students.Start the construction of campus security big data platform, vigorously implement the “safe education” operation, build a school cafeteria credit supervision system, build the “sky eye project” on campus, keep the “row of bottom lines” such as the safety of campuses and its surrounding safety, test safety, etc.Guarding the life of the majority of teachers and students, and physical and mental health to ensure the harmony and stability of the campus.

  Jinxiang County will also further increase investment in education, improve the level of high -quality and balanced education, promote education reform and achieve new breakthroughs, the quality of education to a new level, and continuously brighten the “Lide Tree Ren. Gold Education” brand.The city builds the province’s education highland to contribute the power of Jinxiang!