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Let rural students enjoy high -quality scientific education

Original title: Let rural students enjoy high -quality scientific education
my country has always attached great importance to rural education. In recent years, through measures such as increasing investment and increasing policy tilt in recent years, rural science education has gradually improved and developed.However, compared with cities, there are still a lot of rural regional science education still have obvious shortcomings. For example, the relatively shortage of scientific education resources, and the hardware facilities such as experimental equipment are not complete; the teachers are relatively weak, and the scientific literacy and teaching level of teachers need to be improved urgently.EssenceThe shortcomings of rural science education as soon as possible are important measures to achieve the balanced development of education.
Use the scientific laboratory of the rural school and carry out the inquiry practice
The rural science education is not only related to the growth and development of the individual of rural students, but also has a profound impact on the development of the entire rural society.
Make up the shortcomings of rural science education. Basic work is to improve the scientific laboratory of each rural school.At present, many rural schools have problems such as aging experimental equipment and insufficient materials. In this regard, localities should provide students with sufficient experimental equipment according to the actual needs of scientific curriculum, and to update the equipment in time to maintain advancement and practicality.
The principal of rural schools should be the leader, organizer, and promoter of science education and teaching to ensure that the school uses the scientific laboratories to use, scientific lessons, and inquiry practice; to urge scientific teachers to avoid using “reading experiments””Experimental experiments” to replace the real hands -on experiments, let the teacher take the child into the laboratory and conduct group experiments; you must also be good at combining school characteristics and rural local cultural characteristics to develop and use scientific curriculum resources with regional characteristics to expand the school to expand the schoolThe breadth and depth of science education and teaching make the characteristics of scientific education.
Rural schools should incorporate scientific education into the unified planning of school education and teaching, to combine conventional teaching and activity carriers, and combine school education and community education.In addition to taking good basic scientific courses, it is also necessary to create conditions, open some children’s favorite expansion courses, and build a variety of scientific and technological associations and organize many scientific and technological activities.In some remote areas with weak conditions, low -cost science and technology festivals may become the starting point for scientific education. Schools can design diverse, simple and fun scientific and technological activities, such as turning waste into Baoda competition, science fiction moviesExhibition, paper tower, boat, painting creativity, fun experimental display, scientific textbook drama, etc., stimulate students’ curiosity and imagination.
Leaded by famous teachers and radiation of famous schools, and gradually improve the level of scientific education within the region
Relevant surveys show that a considerable number of rural primary school science teachers have insufficient professional practical ability, and there are weak links in information technology, interdisciplinary and problem -solving teaching and exploring teaching.
It is important to change the above situation and enhance the scientific literacy and teaching ability of rural teachers.To this end, through systematic and professional training and training activities, it can help rural teachers to master advanced scientific education concepts and methods; by establishing a system of urban and rural teachers, let rural teachers go to urban schools to work, and encourage outstanding teachers in the city to go to the city to go to the city to go to the city to go to the city to go toRural branch education, through experience sharing and resource support, drives the professional growth of rural teachers.
In the county, scientific teachers should be cultivated, through the establishment of a scientific teacher studio, constructing a community of teachers’ growth community, organizing teachers to learn, co -ly teaching and research, carry out special observations and competitions such as scientific classroom teaching, experimental exploration, scientific and technological practice and other activities in the county.The radiation role of the scientific teacher team has improved the ability and level of primary school science teachers and science and technology counselors.You can also actively select and establish local scientific education demonstration schools, characteristic schools, and base schools to establish a local area.Guide and help rural schools improve the level of scientific education.
To revitalize local educational resources and form a joint force for scientific education
Promote the development of rural science education. While paying attention to the construction of in -school curriculum and the improvement of teachers’ literacy, we must also pay attention to internal and external linkage and revitalize educational resources.
In order to solve the problem of relative shortage of rural scientific education resources, in addition to building small science and technology museums and special scientific practice bases in the region, the county government and education authorities can also comprehensively mobilize and integrate regional element resources, such as talents, natural resources, science popularization, science popularizationThe venues, museums, scientific research institutes, meteorological bureaus, corporate factories, village assistance units, rural juvenile palaces, etc. are led by the Education Bureau and the Association for Science and Technology to gather resources and integrate into the rural series of content, themes of activities, and diversified methods.Science education learning environment and practical platform.It is necessary to actively use modern information technology to build a high -quality online science education platform to allow rural students to enjoy high -quality scientific education resources.
The Science and Technology Association and the Education Bureau of various places must also organize and solidly carry out county -level preliminary competitions such as science and technology painting, small invention, small production, scientific creativity, scientific and technological practice, etc., and actively select the annual national youth science and technology innovation contest.Level participation works allow children to not only gain innovative results in the technological innovation competition, but also gain innovative spirit and innovative thinking.To create a strong atmosphere of scientific education in the region, such as the display of student science and technology community in the region and teaching and observation of teachers’ science classrooms.
Township schools can also hire vice presidents of science and technology, and actively invite scientists, scientific education experts, famous teachers, and excellent science and technology counselors to the school for key training and guidance.Don’t just stay at the level of asking them to do a few reports at school, but be sure to do some more solid and practical education, scientific and technological counseling, and professional improvement of teachers.
The shortcomings of rural science education are required to work together to form a strong joint effort.Only in this way can rural students enjoy high -quality and fair scientific education, lay a solid foundation for their future development, and inject a strong motivation for rural revitalization.
(Author: Wang Shichun, deputy principal of Tonglu School affiliated to East China Normal University, Deputy Chairman of the Science Special Committee of the basic education and teaching committee of the Ministry of Education)
Source: Guangming Daily