Li Jian leads the concept of environmental protection. The childlike heart loves the environment to practice
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Li Jian leads the concept of environmental protection. The childlike heart loves the environment to practice

Huasheng Online (Correspondent Wu Xiaojuan) People live up to Qingshan, and Qingshan is not available.In order to help the construction of beautiful China and enhance students’ awareness of environmental protection, recently, Chunhua Town, Changsha County carried out campus environmental protection activities in Jiumu Elementary School.
In the form of Taoism, carry out the theory of ecological civilization theory
Use the speech of the country to popularize environmental protection knowledge in pretty understandable language, explain the importance of resource protection and environmental concern, and patiently guide students how to practice green and low -carbon lifestyle, and “plant ecological safety knowledge””Entering the students’ hearts, encouraged the children to start from the side, start with bites, and actively participate in environmental protection with their parents.The atmosphere of the whole process is harmonious and relaxed. Through this vivid ecological environmental education, children can realize the importance of ecological environmental protection. Everyone said that in the future, it will start with low -carbon travel, saving water and electricity, and garbage categories.Excellent environmental protection little guards.
byLaurunte, Carry out beautiful campus environmental protection practice
Teachers have taken the lead and take the lead. The students responded positively, seeing things and doing things, “showing magical power.”Some picked up the blackboard brush to wipe the chalk wiper, some bent over and picked up the garbage dropped on the ground, and some were used to clean the ground with a broom and dustpan.After the event, although they were exhausted, it was difficult to hide the comfort and sense of accomplishment in my heart.This activity not only drives everyone to actively participate in environmental protection activities, but also gives students a beautiful and harmonious campus. More importantly, plant green and environmentally friendly seeds under everyone’s mind, so that it will germinate and bloom in practice!
The teenager is the master of the future and the successor of the environment. Chunhua Town will continue to start from the doll. Relying on the environment of the school, actively carry out various activities, so that “everyone cares about environmental protection, everyone supports environmental protection, and everyone supports environmental protection.The concept of participating in environmental protection is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.
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