Li Ning 2023 Financial Report Release: R & D and innovation stimulates the steady development of market potential to develop deeply connecting consumers
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Li Ning 2023 Financial Report Release: R & D and innovation stimulates the steady development of market potential to develop deeply connecting consumers

On March 20, Li Ning Group released a full -time financial report in 2023.Li Ning Group’s steady progress and stable development. According to the financial report, in 2023, Li Ning Group’s revenue increased by 7.0%year -on -year to 27.598 billion yuan.Compared with 2019, the income achieved doubled in 5 years, and the compound annual growth rate of income reached 15%.In the case of intensified competitive environment, in 2023, the Group’s gross profit rose by 6.9%to 13.352 billion yuan from the same period in the same period in 2022, and the gross profit margin remained stable by 48.4%.Among them, the gross profit margin of 2023 improved year -on -year, and offline discounts improved year -on -year.

Adhere to the strategic direction of “single brand multi -category and multi -channel” to build a steady development structure in the strategic direction

As a very representative domestic brand, Li Ning Group has always adhered to the strategic core of “single brand, multi -product, multi -channel”.In the current diversified competitive environment, the “single brand” road seems a bit “minority”. The key to whether it can eventually go through is the “skill” of Li Ning Group.

Li Ning Group has always emphasized the positioning of professional sports sports, continuously consolidated the core market advantages represented by basketball, running, and sports.The financial report data shows that the proportion of running water in the three core professional sports products of basketball, running, and fitness accounted for 64%, of which running and fitness category performed outstandingly, and the flowing water increased by 40%and 25%, respectively.From the perspective of the income of shoes, clothing, and accessories, thanks to the strategic deep cultivation of professional categories, the proportion of shoes with higher scientific and technological content accounts for 49%, which is higher than the clothing business, highlighting the competitiveness of brand professional sports.

Li Ning basketball shoes matrix

Combined with the current market and consumption situation, it can be found that the consumer and adolescent consumer groups play a very important role in the consumer market, which profoundly affects the changes and development trends of the consumer market structure.At this performance exchange meeting, Li Ning executives told the future outlook that Li Ning Group changed according to the situation, attached importance to the investment in the demand for women’s sports and youth sports, and expanded new sports scenes represented by outdoor.From the perspective of financial reports, Li Ning Young’s potential for the children’s clothing sector is released, and the flowing water increases by 30-40%in the middle section.This is also the positive practice of Li Ning Group’s attention to subdivided tracks. For the future of Li Ning Young, Li Ning’s positioning is to make “professional sports children’s clothing brands”, which will combine Li Ning’s scientific and technological resources to further improve the scientific and technological matrix suitable for children.

Li Ning Young Store

Multi -channel is another focus of Li Ning’s power. After years of accumulation, Li Ning has achieved remarkable results in terms of channel expansion and sales network construction.In 2023, Li Ning continued to optimize the channel structure and improve the efficiency of channels, actively handled inefficient stores, improved the overall store structure, continued to expand the business landscape of high -quality shopping malls, and achieved major breakthroughs in the super Ole channel.As of the end of 2023, Li Ning’s sales point was 7,668, an increase of 65 from the same period compared to the same period in 2022. The core commercial entry rate increased to nearly 90%.Channel expansion and single -store effects have been improved simultaneously, and the total area of stores increases the number of middle units. At the same time, the operating capacity of single stores has continued to increase. In 2023, the average number of stores has increased year -on -year. At the same timeThere are more than 230 nine -generation stores opened and upgraded to improve consumer shopping experience.Li Ning Chongqing Bayi Plaza flagship store

Li Ning’s offline business performance was stable, and the growth of direct-operated income (excluding children’s clothing) had a significant growth of 29%. The offline discounts improved year-on-year. The 10%-20%low-segment growth was achieved throughout the year.In addition to offline, Li Ning Group will also build a multi -dimensional channel network to achieve comprehensive coverage of high -level markets and vertical expansion of emerging markets, laying a solid foundation for the group’s future development.

Looking back at Li Ning’s market advantages, it is not only marketing, but also the prominent brand power and brand value.Li Ning has continuously enhanced the brand’s influence by strengthening the brand image, enhancing product technology content, and optimizing sales channels, providing strong support for the Group’s long -term development.

R & D investment -driven product innovation to drive revenue has achieved remarkable results.

At present, scientific and technological innovation has become a key help to improve production efficiency, improve supply capacity and potential growth rate.Li Ningjuli scientific and technological innovation has stimulated the brand’s endogenous motivation through research and development of driving product innovation.

In 2023, Li Ning’s investment in investment and development continued to surpass the growth rate of revenue.In the past 10 years, Li Ning’s brand has invested more than 3 billion R & D investment, which has provided a strong backing for Li Ning’s focus on product technology innovation and upgrading, and improved the professional sports product matrix.The handsome Ultra of the Li Ning carbon core assist system

In terms of professional shoes, Li Ning has developed a lot of running shoe technologies with strong strength in recent years, such as Li Ningzheng’s shock reduction technology and Li Ningzheng light bomb technology.In 2023, Li Ning’s scientific and technological achievements were upgraded again, and the “carbon nuclear core” aid system and GCU ground control system were newly released.It is understood that the “carbon core” has three highlights: “structural innovation”, “process innovation” and “system solution”.In February 2024, the Li Ning carbon nuclear core aid system won the German IF design award in 2024.

Li Ning carbon core technology has won the German IF Red Dot Design Award

The strong R & D strength has built Li Ning’s product Li Chenghe. Li Ning’s series of products have gained a good reputation in the market, showing the professional sports strength and the market performance.According to the financial report, in 2023, Li Ning’s three major professional categories of basketball, running, and fitness accounted for 64%, a new high in 4 years.Li Ning drove product IP iteration and new series of cultivation with professional R & D and market insights.

Li Ning’s core running shoes IP

The performance of running products is very eye -catching. According to statistics, as a racing series in Li Ning’s running shoe matrix, in 2023, the Li Ningfei series helped domestic and foreign elite athletes to achieve 103 championships and 194 times.At the Avilies Marathon in February 2024, Fei Electric 3 Ultra helped athlete AMDOUNI Morhad to create the fastest record of Chinese running shoes marathon, which confirmed the degree of professional recognition of Li Ning’s running shoe products in the running crowd.

Li Ning running shoes matrix

The professional power of Li Ning’s running category has driven market competitiveness. From the perspective of financial report performance, in 2023, Li Ning’s running water recorded 40%, and the proportion of flowing water increased from 19%to 23%, reaching a new high since 2019.In 2023, the sales volume of Li Ning’s million shoes exceeded 12 million pairs. Among them, the running categories were facing the three core sales of daily jogging, advanced training, and racing.9 million doubles.Among them, Fei Electric 3 Challenger’s single model has a cumulative sales of 1.3 million pairs throughout the year, becoming a phenomenal IP in carbon board running shoes.

Throughout Li Ning’s development curve, it can be found that Li Ning relies on endogenous growth.With the core competitiveness of technology -driven brands, strengthen the positioning of brand professional movement, focus on core categories, and increase investment in research and development to stimulate innovative vitality and achieve remarkable results.

Integrate multi -party high -quality resources to deepen brand professional awareness

For professional sports brands, the layout of sports resources is an important manifestation of brand professional strength.In 2023, Li Ning Group increased its strategic layout of professional sports resources to consolidate brand professional cognition and influence.

As of now, Li Ning has strategically supported the development of young sports from NBA stars to CBA events, from professional league to its own basketball event IP, adult professional league to youth official competitions, and long -term support for the development of young sports.Relying on Marathon’s event resources, in -depth interaction with the running crowd, and showing sports strength with professional arena.

Li Ning joined hands with CBA for 12 consecutive seasons

In addition to the field of professional sports, Li Ning also actively explored a diversified marketing model to enhance consumers’ awareness of brand value.In 2023, Li Ning actively explored omni -channel marketing and community operations, established a platform for direct communication with consumers, enhanced the influence of Li Ning’s brand, and realized multi -dimensional exposure of omni -channel products.

It is particularly noteworthy that in recent years, Li Ning has continuously increased the investment in the development of youth sports.In terms of basketball, by setting up the platform of Li Ning Basketball Academy, supporting the Chinese primary and secondary school campus basketball league, and joining the Yao Fund Charity, it inspires the development of Chinese youth basketball and youth sports.In the field of table tennis, provide professional sports equipment guarantee for national youth and national and young, participate in National Youth Youth, National Young Training Camp, International Training Camp, etc., and promote more sports exchanges;The youth competitions and teams of the Badminton Association also set up the youth group under the independent IP competition of Li Ning, and cooperate with the feather associations of various provinces and cities across the country to help the development of Chinese grass -roots youth badminton.

Li Ning becomes a ten -year strategic partner of the Chinese Primary and Middle School Basketball League

At the Greater Bay Area International Sports Business Summit in February 2024, Li Ning, chairman of Li Ning Group, said: “Li Ning brand must pass the core of sports spirit to serve the public with the spirit of sports, support the development of Chinese sports, especially especiallyStimulate more youth groups that will continue to invest and support the development of youth sports in the future. “