Lishui Marathon shot a fire on March 31!More than 15,000 runners break the wind forward
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Lishui Marathon shot a fire on March 31!More than 15,000 runners break the wind forward

“The holding of this event is not only a testing stone for the development of Lishui Sports, but also a comprehensive display of the new look of Lishui’s economic and social development.” On the morning of March 25, the 2024 Lishui Marathon press conference was held, and the event will be officially announced that the event will be 3At 7:30 am on the 31st, the relevant situation of the overall situation, innovation highlights, characteristic activities, and event guarantee of this event were introduced at 7:30 am.

Lishimar has the reputation of “China’s Ecological First City”. Combining this characteristic, Lishui went all out to create the four most beautiful outdoor sports paradise in China.The Lishui Marathon began in 2016. Combined with the experience of previous competitions, this marathon has been upgraded from multiple dimensions such as the quality of the event, service details, urban marketing, and supporting activities.

A marathon, knowing a city.Marathon is considered an excellent window for promoting the image of the city and excavating development opportunities.It is reported that this “Lima” will follow the slogan “Spring Breeze Lili Shui Water”, and a total of three competitions for marathon, half marathon, and happy family running will be set up.OK.

The route of this event is slightly different from previous years. The starting point of the track is still at the northern end of Garden Road.The end of the run is Lishui Sports Center.The track can “pack” the most distinctive landmarks and attractions in Lishui City at one time in Nanmingmen, Zijin Bridge, Nanming Lake, and Sakura Avenue.

The medals of this marathon group are the biggest highlights of this event.This medal is the first domestic marathon finished medal made of celadon materials. It uses the carving skills combined with the unblines and the yang carved in Longquan celadon to show the label building of Lishui — Yingxinglou, and the sidelines of the medal.It is woven for the nation’s non -heritage Dai ribbon, which fully demonstrates the characteristics of Lishui.

In order to continue the gold medal service standards of the event and ensure the safety of all contestants, on the day of the competition, Lishui will invest thousands of people, security personnel, and volunteers, and arrange hundreds of professional referees to escort the event.In addition, the organizing committee is also equipped with air rescue helicopters, medical ambulance personnel, emergency command vehicles and ambulances, and set up medical stations along the track.Cubs of three -dimensional medical rescue protection.