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Ma Yinglong: In the first quarter of 2024, the growth of dual -digits of revenue net profit increased the growth of large health tracks


Recently, Ma Yinglong (600993.SH) released the 2023 annual report.Data show that during the reporting period, the company achieved a revenue of 3.14 billion yuan, realized a net profit of 440 million yuan, and realized a net profit of 350 million yuan in deductions.Increased by 76.70%, the profit quality increased significantly.


On the evening of April 19, the company further released the first quarterly report of 2024.The announcement shows that in the first quarter of this year, the company realized operating income of 955 million yuan, an increase of 14.7%year -on -year. The non -net profit was 193 million yuan, an increase of 35.67%compared with the same period last year.”Open the door”.


In this regard, some analysts of well -known securities institutions pointed out that the growth of data in the first quarter of 2024 shows the company’s good development trend this year.In anorectal category, the company’s brand has accumulated deep accumulation and has established an anorectal segment market with a significant advantage in the market. As a leading industry, it is expected to enjoy the growth rate of the industry as a whole.At the same time, the potential of the company’s skin and ophthalmology categories is gradually released, and the border between the category is widened based on the eight treasures, forming a wing support.In addition, through the extension of the health management of the full life cycle, the company’s low base is expected to harvest performance elasticity through brand and channels to help them create a second growth curve.


Style of the anorectal field


The big health layout is steadily advanced


Ma Yinglong, who has more than 400 years of brand history, has now developed into a group -shaped enterprise integrating pharmaceutical manufacturing, big health, medical services, and medical business.The product pattern, has more than 100 national medicine standard drugs, has more than 10 exclusive drugs such as Ma Yinglong musk hemorrhoid cream, musk hemorrhoid embossed, Ma Yinglong Babao eye cream, Dragon Ball ointment, etc., and surrounds the health, ophthalmology, skin health, etc.Extend to the field of great health.


In the field of anorectal treatment of hemorrhoids, Ma Yinglong used musk hemorrhoid cream, musk hemorrhoid embossed, hemorrhoidal anti -consumption films, Di Aosa slices, and Jin Xuan hemorrhoids.As a old -fashioned company in China, it has adhered to positive and innovation, and the brand value has continued to increase. It has been selected as the “China 500 Most Valuable Brand” for 20 consecutive years, and the brand value is 52.187 billion yuan.


As an important fulcrum for the company’s core field of anorectal health, build anorectal health solution providers, and expand the entire industry chain of the anorectal, the company’s medical service sector has also achieved steadily, and revenue increased by 33.28%year -on -year.In this field, on the one hand, the company continues to improve the quality of the operation of the direct -operated hospitals, the profitability of direct -operated hospitals has been improved, and the overall scale is among the forefront of domestic anorectal chain hospitals.On the other hand, the company is also accelerating the establishment of anorectal diagnosis and treatment centers. Data show that as of the end of the first quarter of 2024, it has signed a total of 80 contracts.Some market participants believe that with the gradual expansion of the company’s anorectal diagnosis and treatment center, the company’s medical service sector is expected to maintain steady growth.


It is worth mentioning that the company’s product profitability is significantly enhanced in terms of big health business.It is reported that Ma Yinglong focused on strategic key areas such as anorectal, ophthalmology, and developed and upgraded more than 80 large health products.Among them, through the excavation of the health needs of anorectal, the company has developed a series of wet towel products such as small blue wet toilet paper and Dabai sanitary wet towel, and realized the overall channel layout of sanitary wet towel products.At the same time, the company also accelerated the expansion of the Ma Yinglong Babao series of eye cream. The company’s eye health product sales revenue has achieved a steady growth of the sales revenue of eye health products.


Innovative drug research and development is encouraged


Subdividing to the track of the track faucet is worth looking forward to


At present, the pharmaceutical industry has shown a new weather.At the policy level, my country’s traditional Chinese medicine industry has ushered in a series of densely introduced a series of support policies, including the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau and other departments released the “Fourteen Five -Year Plan” Chinese Medicine Culture Promotion Project Implementation Plan “. “Special Provisions of Chinese Medicine Registration Management”, etc., provided a strong guarantee for the healthy development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.At the same time, the state has also increased its encouragement and support for the development of innovative drugs, which undoubtedly has injecting new vitality into the rapid development of the Chinese medicine industry.


Those who change from time to time are changed.Against the background of the industry’s environmental environment, the company plans to continue to focus on the strategic positioning of health solution providers in 2024 to create advantages and improve efficiency.Facing the pharmaceutical industry sector, the company will focus on strengthening the core advantages of anorectal and intestine, focusing on the needs of customers in the field of anorectal segment, further consolidate the market status of market segments.Promote the scale.


The category expansion of the large health sector is also one of the key points of Ma Yinglong’s development.The company stated that in 2024, it will adhere to the layout of the omni -channel, classify the strategy, and strive to improve the refined operation capabilities of online channels, expand offline channel network construction, comprehensively improve the ability of great health overall coordination, and improve operating results.