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Qingdao Disease Control Center issued Qingming holiday health reminder: do a good job of personal protection, health and safety vacation

Peninsula All Media Reporter Qi Juan

The spring meaning is getting stronger, and the Qingming small holiday is also about to arrive. Many people have intended to travel or reunite. How to spend a healthy holiday and what are the aspects of travel?What are you paying attention to when you go out?On April 3, the Qingdao CDC issued relevant reminders.

Do a good job of protecting and refusing to infectious diseases

During the holidays, the large -scale flow and gathering of personnel must pay attention to the prevention of various types of infectious diseases, such as respiratory infectious diseases, animal -derived diseases, and transmission of diseases.Prevention of respiratory tract infectious diseases.To go out to public places, you need to wear a mask scientifically to reduce contact with others and carry disinfection wet towels to prepare for use.If there are symptoms such as fever, sore throat, and cough, decide whether to seek medical treatment according to the severity of the condition, and wear a mask when you seek medical treatment.

Attach importance to the prevention and treatment of pertussis.Basil cough is a type of respiratory infectious disease. The risk of infants and young children with an immune history is high, and the risk of complications and severe illnesses is also high.It is currently reaching a period of pertussis, and the timely vaccination of pertussis ingredients vaccine in time is the most effective means of prevention. When parents have symptoms such as cough, they should be scientifically wearing masks when they are in love with infants and young children.For long -term spasm cough, when severe symptoms such as hair and shortness of breath, you should seek medical treatment in time to avoid delay treatment.Do not contact wild animals such as wild poultry and wild animals.Avoid entering animal habitats such as wild poultry, try not to touch animals such as wild cats and wild dogs, and do not eat wild animals.

Wild activities do a good job of anti -bite.Personal protection when you go out, you should wear long -sleeved jackets, tight pants legs, naked skin to apply exorcists to avoid sitting and lying for a long time in the grassland, woods and other environments.

Travel, pay attention to personal safety

Fully do a good job of travel safety strategies.Master the necessary safety knowledge, first aid knowledge, prepare necessary common medicines, and recommend purchasing travel accident insurance.

Choose a good attraction of safety service facilities.Do not go to areas that do not have the conditions for open reception tourists to ensure personal safety.

Select the tourism project reasonably.According to personal age, health, psychological and other conditions, you can participate in high -risk projects such as high -altitude, high -speed, and adventure, and conduct rowing, rafting, snorkeling, and deep dives under the guidance of professionals.

Pay attention to prevent sudden natural disasters and accidental damage.In the mountainous areas, river valleys and other areas, safety risks such as landslides, stones, mudslides, and floods should be prevented.Drying and drying, strictly abide by the regulations of fire safety management, and pay attention to fire prevention and disaster avoidance.

Pay attention to the safety of wild animals and plants.Do not feed and provoke wild animals to prevent bite; do not pick the endless toxicity of unknown wild plants, flowers or fruits to prevent allergies or poisoning.

Enjoy food, pay attention to food safety

Do not “be the stomach” during the trip.You ca n’t be hungry during the journey, a full meal, do n’t carry irritating foods such as spicy, acidic, and eat more foods that are easy to digest and nourish yin.Pay attention to the combination of work and rest to prevent excessive fatigue and stretch the stomach.

Pay attention to hand hygiene and try to eat cooked food.Wash raw fruits and fruits, eat less lettuce and other cool foods, and do not drink raw water.

Select restaurants with regular and good sanitary conditions for meals.When traveling, everyone wants to enjoy local specialties, but they must choose merchants with good reputation and good service, promote civilized dining methods, and use public chopsticks and public spoons to separate meals.Do not eat at the side of the road to avoid difficulty complaining.

Preparation of drugs.Prepare some gastrointestinal drugs with fast absorption and good curative effect, solve the “acute” diseases such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and bloating caused by various external factors such as diet and cold during travel.

Family cooked foods should be separated.Kitchenware and containers that processed food during dinner at home should be cooked.Food should be cooked thoroughly, and the remaining food and overnight food should be completely heated before eating again.