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Sanquan Food: Purchase wealth management products

Every time AI News,Sanquan Food (SZ 002216, closing price: 12.55 yuan) issued an announcement on the evening of April 25 that Sanquan Food Co., Ltd., the eleventh session of the Eighth Board of Directors, the Eighth Session of the Eighth Session of the Eighth Board of Directors held on April 24, 2024, 2024, 2024,The 11th meeting of the Supervisory Committee reviewed and approved the “Proposal on the use of idle funds for investment and financial management”.In order to further improve the efficiency of funds, the company plans to use idle funds for investment and financial management on the premise of ensuring the demand for daily production and operation funds and effectively controlling risks.The total amount does not exceed (including) 2.5 billion yuan.It is mainly to subscribe for financial products with high security and good liquidity or fixed income of fixed income for subscribing to banks, trusts, securities, funds, fund, insurance asset management institutions, etc.The total amount of stock wealth management products does not exceed 200 million yuan.In the above quota, funds can be used for rolling, but the single items and total amount of any time within the time limit shall not exceed the above quota.

From January to June 2023, the operating income of Sanquan Foods became: 82.97%of markets such as retail, and 16.33%of the catering market.

The chairman of Sanquan Food is Chen Nan, male, 55 years old, and his academic background is a master’s degree. The general manager is Chen Xi, male, 51 years old, and his academic background is a master’s degree.

As of press time, the market value of Sanquan Food was 11 billion yuan.

1. Sanquan Foods has increased by 7020,000 shares in the north within the past 30 days, an increase of 0.12%of the proportion of circulating shares;
2. In the past 30 days, there was no mechanism to investigate Sanquan Food.

Each headline (NBDTOUTIO) –The market value shrinks 840 billion US dollars, Musk’s Tesla “driverless”?

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