Science and Technology with love · Health Campus 丨 Guangxi exciting appearance at the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition
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Science and Technology with love · Health Campus 丨 Guangxi exciting appearance at the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition

From April 19th to 21st, the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition opened at the Chongqing International Expo Center to show the latest development results of the Chinese education equipment industry around the theme of “display, exchanges, cooperation, innovation, and development”.Experts and scholars and industry elites across the country gathered together, insight into the development of new trends, experience the pulse of innovation, and seek common development plans.
Science and technology with love health campus
As a deep farmer of the educational lighting track, Guangxi actively responds to the policy orientation of the country’s construction of green campuses. With digital low -carbon and green health as the core, the health campus ecology is comprehensively constructed.During the exhibition, Guangxi joined hands with eye protection/air control/energy management innovation products and overall solutions.Wide attention and in -depth discussion, the feedback on the spot is enthusiastic.
Energy -saving eye protection fresh breathing
In the low -carbon classroom display area, the low -carbon energy -saving eye protection lights of light become the focus.In order to meet the design of double carbon targets, significantly reduce energy consumption and effectively protect students’ vision, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency in the field of educational lighting.Combined with the light air disinfection machine and comprehensive air treatment, the campus respiratory health barrier is built.
Healthy Light Photo Future
The optical four -in -one sterilization eye protection light becomes the core of the health classroom. This product integrates four major functions such as formaldehyde, anti -influenza, sterilization, and eye protection. It realizes the leap from a single function to a comprehensive health protection function.Fully demonstrate the in -depth insights and technological strength of Guangpu in the field of education and lighting, and create a safe and healthy learning environment in all aspects.
Digital low -carbon energy hosting
Guangpu penetrates green low -carbon concepts throughout the entire process of campus construction. It is driven by new energy, new technology, and new models to provide “Guangpi Energy Custody Service”.Increase energy utilization and economic benefits through optical storage charge, energy conservation renovation, and digital intelligence energy management systems, plant the green development base of the campus, and improve the campus energy management system.
Light high -quality empowerment campus sustainable development
Guangxi shares help the education industry with scientific and technological power to develop green and low -carbon development, empower the intelligent education ecology, and effectively support the modernization of the education equipment industry, move towards a greener, intelligent, and healthy future, and achieve high -quality transformation and sustainable development.