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"Sports" Spring’s waist back is tight?Two stretching movements to help you flexibly!

Spring blossom bloom
More and more people have participated in outdoor activities recently
But some friends are a bit difficult
Always feel tension and weak in your waist and back
Restricted activity
what should I do?
Don’t worry, try this set of fuck
Help you stretch your waist and flexible joint ~
[Guiding experts in this issue]
Zhang Weifei
Beijing Dance Plaza Dance Promotion Center
Executive Director
Back stretching exercises
[Action 1: Employment extension]
The first four actions:
Low your head and look up slowly forward;
At the same time, the arm opened from the five fingers above, and the palms were opposite. From top to bottom, slowly moved along the body.
Note: When doing this action, pay attention to your arms down, and at the same time drive the head to have an upward extension.
The latter four beats:
Push the arm from the chest forward, driving the body back from the front to the top;
Be sure to have a raising movement to drive your body upward to the highest;
Then put the arm down, our body must present a wave, from drilling to underwater, and then driving the body to lift the body little by little.
[Action 2: Slotting and opening]
The first four actions:
Take a step towards the right side, and lift your right hand with your palms upwards at the same time;
The body is slightly bent to the left, and the arm can return to the body from the side of the body to the side of the body to do the side bending;
Note: Do not explore your head, and do not lean back too much. Keep your body on a horizontal line.
The latter four beats:
Turn your body from the side to the forward and downward;
Keep your body on the horizontal plane, drive your body from your right hand, and slowly slide from the left to the right;
Receive and restore to the middle.
Note: Keep your breathing smooth, don’t hold your breath.
From the beginning of the action, do it again in the opposite direction.
Source: CCTV Life Circle