Ten departments such as Yangjiang Intermediate People’s Court have jointly established marine ecological environment and resource protection collaboration mechanism
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Ten departments such as Yangjiang Intermediate People’s Court have jointly established marine ecological environment and resource protection collaboration mechanism

Original Yangjiang Intermediate People’s Court

Recently, the Yangjiang Intermediate Court and the Municipal Procuratorate, the Municipal Judicial Bureau, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, and Yangjiang Maritime Affairs Bureau jointly issued the “Regarding strengthening the marine ecological environment and resource protection collaboration mechanism (trial).The collaboration mechanism accurately connects Yangjiang to the sea and builds a blue marine business card, gives full play to the functional advantages of the judicial department and the sea -related management department, strengthen collaboration and cooperation, can perform duties, further improve the source governance, system governance, comprehensive governance, according to law, according to lawThe long -term mechanism of governing marine ecological environment and resource protection has helped to promote the Yangjiang Marine economy to achieve a new leap.

The first is to adhere to information sharing to deepen collaborative cooperation.Establish an information reporting mechanism such as important work, public opinion, clues, and other information in the city and county -level counterpart sectors. Break information barriers from two dimensions from horizontal and vertical, and comprehensively improve emergency disposal coordinated combat capabilities.Establish a joint meeting system, strengthen daily liaison, and convene a rotating meeting or temporary meeting according to the needs of the work to form a meeting minutes to urge the implementation and promote specific problems.Carry out joint special actions, exchange training, publicity and education, effectively improve work synergy, law enforcement judicial capabilities, strengthen public awareness, create a good social atmosphere, and do the comprehensive protection of an excellent marine ecological environment and resources.

The second is to adhere to the complementary advantages to improve the protection effectiveness.The sea -related management department provides professional support or assistance to the judicial department in terms of on -site exploration, testing and appraisal, environmental damage, and restoration evaluation to promote rapid trial of the case and ensure that the responsibility for the repair of ecological environmental resources damage is effectively implemented.The court applied for legal support in the pre -appraisal, preservation, preservation, first implementation, judicial confirmation, and enforcement of the coastal management department to give legal support to effectively prevent the occurrence of damage to ecological environmental resources and promote the timely stop loss of the damaged ecological environment.

The third is to persist in deepening the source governance with opinions and suggestions.The problems of the sea -related management departments on judicial work can make improving opinions and suggestions.If the court and the procuratorate finds systemic and domain issues during the case of the case, they can make opinions and suggestions to the relevant departments.Since the beginning of this year, the Yangjiang Court has issued three judicial suggestions to relevant functional departments to further strengthen the healthy interaction of environmental resources judicial trials and administrative law enforcement, and promote the functional departments to improve the ecological environmental governance system and improve governance capabilities.

This mechanism is another measure of the “two laws” to help the ecological construction of the green and Meiyangjiang ecological environmental resources in the “two laws” and the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau.The protection mechanism is more complete and perfect.

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Original title: “Yangjiang Intermediate Court and other departments and other departments to jointly build marine ecological environment and resource protection collaboration mechanisms”