The first "car group" product of Guigue Group is launched!Emerging travel methods are waiting for you
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The first "car group" product of Guigue Group is launched!Emerging travel methods are waiting for you

【Opening the column】
“The show of the world’s mountains and rivers is gathered in the middle of the Guizhou”, come to Guizhou, Shangchun Mountain.
Guizhou is continuing to implement the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on cultural tourism work and inspect the spirit of the important speech of Guizhou, focusing on the “three major elements” of resources, customers, and serviceThe world -class tourism destinations have accelerated the construction of a colorful province and a strong tourism province of Guizhou.From today, Guizhou Daily will set up a column of “Promote the deep integration of cultural tourism and create a world -class tourist destination -Focus on the 18th Guizhou Tourism Industry Development Conference” column, and fully show that Guizhou uses good natural treasures and culture in promoting high -quality development of tourism.Two treasures of the treasure, with cultural and plastic travel and travel to the text, allowing the unique cultural tourism resources to develop in the deep integration of cultural tourism resources in the Guizhou and Guizhou land.
On March 29, Guizhou Tourism Industry Development Group Co., Ltd.’s “Cars and Small Group” product launch conference and launch launching ceremony was held in Guiyang.
At the launching ceremony, head car companies, OTA platforms, Youqiang Cultural Tourism Enterprises, and Industry Associations from Beijing, Guangdong, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Guizhou and other places signed 17 strategic cooperation agreements with Guizhi Group.This is the province that after integrating aviation and tourism, launching the “small strings” airline integration products, we continue to accelerate the layout of the mid -to -high -end tourism travel industry, increase the supply of emerging tourism consumer goods standards, and actively cultivate new growth points for transportation and tourism consumption.
The “car small group” product of the Guigou Group showed by the press conference.Photo by Liu Lichao 
Guigue Group also released the “Code for the” Small Cars “Service and Management Specifications” on the spot, which clarifies the operating conditions, operation management processes, and service levels of the “car group”.In addition, Guizhi Group also carefully designed the four series of 6 series of “small car groups” tourist routes to allow tourists to achieve in -depth play.In addition, new energy vehicles are one of the characteristics of the “car small group” products of Guigou Group.According to the relevant person in charge of the cooperative contracting enterprise, the green low -carbon operation model of the “small car group” will be created to further promote green low -carbon tourism travel.
The “car small group” product of the Guigou Group showed by the press conference.Photo by Liu Lichao 
It is understood that the “car group” is a group of non -strange people such as family or friends, self -driving or charter, and traveling, housing, entertainment and other aspects of tourism models.Because of its personalized, quality, and customized characteristics, it is gradually becoming a new favorite in the tourism market.This model contains a lot of customized and in -depth experience in local culture in the formation route.The “car group” has become an emerging travel method for tourists to realize fast travel and immersive experience with its personalized, convenientness, and strong experience.
It is reported that in order to provide tourists with high -quality “small car groups” services, the Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation and other departments also issued the “Guidelines for Tourism Service Work” Tourism Services “for” Trouins and Small Groups “and issued a series of pragmatic measures.Break the relevant obstacles and hidden barriers to escort the pilot work of the “car group”.
Guizhou Daily Tianyan News reporter Liu Lichao
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