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The top 10 alternative food and snacks in Hubei, locals are considered delicious.

Hubei is rich in products and is a well -known hometown of fish and rice. Its food and snacks are also unique.The flavor of Hubei is mostly based on aquatic products. The fish is the main, the juice is bright, and the fragrant is hot.Historically, Hubei cuisine is characterized by the essence of the north and south factions, forming the characteristics of Hubei, the flavors of the Han Dynasty, the flavor of Jingyi, the flavor of Xiangxiang, the flavor of southeast Hubei, and the Miao flavor of the southwestern Hubei family in one furnace.Let ’s take a look at the top 10 alternative food and snacks in Hubei. Locals are considered delicious, and diners outside the country cannot make their mouths.

1. Wuhan Stink Smooth

Wuhan people love to eat smelly gluten. This is one of the special pickles in Wuhan. It smells strangely, but it tastes delicious. In the past, many people made themselves.The locals talked about buying pellets with water gluten, boiled with water, pouring water, put in the preservation place, put in the foam box filled with fruits, the cotton clothes that were not worn inside, waiting for the gluten to ferment naturally, and the surface was sticky.It takes a week to ferment in winter, and it can be about three days in summer.Disinfect the glass tank of hot water, mix the gluten with salt inside, add cool white, and place it for a week to eat. Like stinky tofu, it smells smelly and eats fragrant.Many foreign diners were stunned for the first time.

2. Xiangyang Purch Noodles

The noodle noodles of the acid are special pasta snacks in Shiyan and Xiangyang, which has a history of more than 200 years.According to locals, when the noodles are the best, it is from April to September, which is basically the first half of the year.During this period, the sauerkraut was fermented quickly, the acidity of the slurry was high, and the taste was excellent.La Wan Town is the birthplace of the noodles of the acid, and the locals are very particular about the sour noodles.In order to maintain the original flavor of the acid slurry surface, it was very fine when making the slurry and the dumplings of the Chao Dynasty.The locals can be said to be a lot of food, but this unique sour taste makes it difficult for most foreign diners to adapt. Because of this, this gourmet and snacks are not widely circulated.

3. Shiyan Shenxian tofu

Shiyan Zhuxi local people like to eat a tofu made of wild shrubs, named fairy tofu, and are the most distinctive traditional snacks in the local area.This is a kind of food soaked in water, slippery, eating in the mouth, and hidden.Because it is just a pure wild shrub.Although the processing and production procedures are not very cumbersome, because of its complete wild form, and the growth of the dense mountains, it is not eaten for the local people.Foreign diners who like alternative food are worth trying.

4. Huanggang Hong’an Stink Skin

Same as stinky tofu, Hongan Stinky skin is also a smell and delicious food. This kind of food has been popular in Hong’an for a long time.The ingredients of Hong’an Stink Skin are also soybeans, but Hong’an Stink Skin needs to process thousands of soybeans prepared for more than 20 procedures such as grinding, sieve, filtration, and juice. Only the above steps have passed the above stepsOnly to make a perfect thousand.After making thousands of pieces, you can dry it. The smelly skin after drying is easier to save.It can be stored for a long time.It is estimated that if you like to eat stinky smell of smelly, it will definitely like this kind of food. On the contrary, it will avoid it when smelling its taste.

5. Puyang Songhua eggs

Puyang Songhua Preserved Eggs are local traditional gourmet snacks in Hubei Province. Locals like hot and sour egg tofu.The Q bombs of the egg and the unique umami flavor, coupled with the rich and mellow flavor of the vinegar and green onion, reconcile with fresh and salty juice water, pour peanut pepper oil, the selling of the mouth is first -class, which is definitely an appetizer on the dinner table.The favorite of drinking.When I first ate flower preserved eggs, a strong smell of fishy smell, and a taste of ammonia, just like the taste of the aquacile toilet in the 1990s, the eyes could not be opened.During the egg yolk, a yellow thick juice flowed out. When it was eaten, it chewed a few times, and it felt like eating chemicals in the mouth.I can only lament that Wufu has received such food and snacks.

6. Yichang stinky tempeh

Today in Yichang, there are still many people in rural areas to make tempeh. The soybeans are made of fermentation after cooking. The taste is the best.Local stinky tempeh is really stinky. It is like a stinky feet. Many people have been rated as the most difficult food for swallowing. The fermented soybeans are sticky, and they will break the silk.Some of the nan beans in Japan. Many people eat natto for the first time, saying that natto is stinky and can’t stand this taste.In fact, stinky tempeh is the same as the effect of natto beans, which is very good for health.

7. Wuhan Mao egg

In the night stalls, many locals love to eat hair eggs. This kind of food is not only popular in Wuhan. It is very popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It can be baked, fried, and cook.It is very nourishing. After cooking, the shell is cooked and took a sip. The salty juice slides into the throat instantly.But there are also many diners avoided it, and seeing the molding chicks really have no mouth.

8. Guangshui Dog meat

Smu dog meat has been popular in Guangshui for hundreds of years. It is famous for famous places. After the dog is made of waxy, it is usually salty. It is impossible to fade without soaking for three or four hours.Fry, then put in star anise, cinnamon, cooking wine, soy sauce and water, then simmer or simmer in a high -pressure pan.Put dried peppers when fried dogs, or bean paste. After 20 minutes of high pressure cooker, simmer over low heat and simmer for ten minutes. After airing, open the lid and throw it into white radish to cook, and then put the chicken essence and other small ingredients.Diners from other places look at the appearance of the meat dog, let alone eat it, so I dare not get off.

9. Wuhan Spicy Duck Neck

When I was on a business trip in Wuhan, the local friends took the tunnel duck neck once. When I started eating, I felt that I was eating, the more fragrant, and it felt very spicy, but I couldn’t stop my mouth. Later, I felt spicy and very uncomfortable.After eating 2 days, I felt a fire in my stomach, and I realized that I was going to diarrhea.Suddenly I remembered that I would vomit, should I just spit out the whole stomach?Holding the water cups and toilet paper to the toilet to vomit, when I spit it up, my throat felt spicy, burning fire, saliva, snot and tears when they were vomiting. It was really uncomfortable.

10. Yang Xinfan powder

Yangxin belongs to Huangshi City. In the local area, people like a kind of food and snacks with a very special smell. This is the cause of folding powder to cook beef.In the early stages of folding powder, there is a step fermentation, which is destined to have a smell of folding powder.The locals described it with unique taste, smooth and chewy, and wanted to feel the next time.Cooking lean meat fried powder, beef fried powder, folding powder stew beef and so on.If you like to eat stinky food, it is estimated that you will definitely like it. I really can’t accept its taste. Maybe I need to eat a few more times.

That’s it for today’s sharing. Which food snacks do you like the most?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. Remember to pay attention to your favorite friends. I wish you all good health in 2021, the financial resources are rolling, goodbye!