There are very few stores, clerks, and customers.
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There are very few stores, clerks, and customers.

China Business Daily (Reporter Yu Jiaxin)C & A (Seattle in Seattle), which has a century -old Dutch fast fashion brand, has not only failed to usher in its Chinese business, but not only failed to usher in a transfer, but was facing the risk of bankruptcy and reorganization.
On April 16, a public case of a newly added application for the bankruptcy and reorganization information network nationwide to the Seattle Family Trading Group Co., Ltd.The website shows that the applicant of the case is Shanghai Jinheng Law Consulting Co., Ltd., and the Court of handling the court is the third intermediate people’s court in Shanghai.
Continue to close the store, official dynamic stop, and the business status of the enterprise showed abnormal … What happened after C & A after being taken over by domestic companies?
Beijing physical store “unique show”
China Business Daily reporters have learned that C & A currently has only one physical store in Beijing, which is located on the first floor of Huidang Shopping Center in Chaoyang District, Beijing.
It should be noted that the store symbolizes the return of C & A after the withdrawal from the Beijing market.At the beginning of last year, C & A Beijing Huiju store closed, announcing that the brand withdrew from Beijing.In July of the same year, the Beijing Chaoyang Huigang Port Shopping Center officially opened, and C & A re -returned to the Beijing market as one of the main stores.
On April 18, the reporter went to the store for visiting that the interior of the store from LOGO to the store was different from the previous style of the brand, but it was closer to the “European industrial style” as a whole.
The C & A store, located on the first floor of Huidang Shopping Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The overall decoration style is similar to the “European industrial style” in the mall.(China Business Daily reporter Yu Jiaxin/Photo)
The reporter saw that the clothing category in the store is relatively complete. New products in spring and summer are in the front row, and seasonal clothing such as down jackets is placed in a relatively internal area.In addition, accessories such as children’s clothing and hats are also displayed in the shelf.
Inside the shop furnishings.(China Business Daily reporter Yu Jiaxin/Photo)
Although the store covers a small area, only one or two staff members in the store are inspecting, and there are few consumers who buy.A staff member said the store’s passenger flow on the weekend would rise.
The store is marked with “store explosion” products.(China Business Daily reporter Yu Jiaxin/Photo)
At present, the new products in the store have a discount of 20 % off, while the rest of the products have a discount of “one piece of one piece, two 50 % off”, and the discount strength of the new products is not large.
Some products in the store are discounted.(China Business Daily reporter Yu Jiaxin/Photo)
The offline store store continues to close
Regarding C & A’s return to the Beijing market, some people in the industry have speculated that this is not a sign of the brand “Huichun”, but it is more like taking the opportunity to clean up inventory.
In July last year, consumers from Shenyang said that Shenyang Zhongjie Dayue City “suddenly appeared in a C & A store, but the goods were discounted and promoted, and it looked like processing inventory.”
Public information shows that in August 2020, C & A, which had declined in performance, announced that it would sell its Chinese business to China Science and Rong Investment Fund Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongke Gonglong).It is understood that the company is a private equity investment company.Before selling Chinese business, C & A opened a total of 66 stores in 22 cities in China.For a global fast fashion brand, this number is not dazzling.
After being taken over by domestic companies, C & A failed to achieve good “localization” development as expected, and the number of domestic physical stores continued to decrease.According to incomplete statistics, from the acquisition of domestic business to the end of 2023, the brand has been closed in physical stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang and other cities.In February this year, the C & A Qingdao Locai City Store, which was the main city store, was closed.People familiar with the matter said that the store has opened for 11 years, and it was initially a double -layer store, and the scale was reduced to one floor in the later period.On March 31, due to the expiration of the mall lease contract, C & A’s last store in Jinan City -Lingxiu City Guihe Shopping Center Store was officially closed.
Online, C & A’s official seems to have stopped related publicity.The reporter noticed that at present, the last push update of the official WeChat public account of the brand’s WeChat “CA China” stayed on August 2, 2023, and the official Weibo stopped updating as early as June 30, 2021.In addition, in November 2022, the brand announced on the WeChat public account that the official mall mini -program was launched, but the current information interface information shows that the store is “closed”.
C & A’s official applet is currently showing “snoring.”(The picture intercepts from the official C & A mini -program)
Regarding the relevant situation of the enterprise’s application for bankruptcy review, the reporter’s contact number provided by the enterprise many times could not be connected.The “CA official flagship store” customer service of Taobao platform told reporters that the brand online channels and offline channels are operated separately. There is no relevant information about physical stores. At present, the sales of online channels are normal.
C & A Taobao flagship store customer service response.(Photo intercept reporter with C & A Taobao flagship store customer service dialogue)
Long -term abnormality in business business status
Regardless of the “old fans” of C & A’s “defeating Maicheng” in China.Among them, many consumers mentioned that affordable prices and various styles are the significant advantages of the brand.
Some netizens said: “Before that, my boyfriend bought clothes and went directly to this house. It was 100 % to buy and appropriate, and the men’s models were really good -looking.” She felt a little “pity” about C & A’s continued closing the store today.Some consumers also say that they miss the brand about this brand about 10 years ago, but now the brand has become “tears of the times.”
I still remember that when the C & A Group was selling Chinese subsidiaries, it had great expectations for the development of the Chinese market.Allan Leighton, chairman of the board of directors of the C & A Group, once said that China has always been regarded as an important growth market by the group. If you want to play the potential in this huge and complex market, you must pay attention to localization work. Selling Chinese subsidiaries can accelerate the brand in ChinaProvides opportunities for development.As the acquirer, Zhongke Tongrong expressed its recognition of the basic value and sustainable development of the brand, and also hoped to continue to achieve brand value in the future.
However, problems such as insufficient product innovation and style cannot keep up with fashion needs, and it has not improved after the brand’s acquisition.Earlier, people close to C & A reported that the design teams of the group in various countries are different. “Brazil’s order style and flower types are much more fashionable than domestic orders.”
In addition, since the C & A’s business has been acquired, the brand has frequently exposed large -scale layoffs and arrears of employees’ wages.According to the information information of Enterprise Check, Seattle Family Trading Group Co., Ltd. currently has 798 its own risks and 537 related risks, and has been a dishonest enterprise announced by the Supreme People’s Court. Since October 2023It was forced to execute 10 times, and his legal representative Lu Ruilong was also limited to high consumption in November 2021.On December 7, 2023, the enterprise was included in the “abnormal operation” list because of the unable to contact the registered residence or business place.
Seattle Family Trading Group Co., Ltd. is currently in the state of “operating abnormal” and “dishonesty”.(Picture intercepting self -loving enterprise checking website)
It should also be noted that the acquisition party of C & A domestic business also acquired the French fast fashion brand Cache Cache in China in 2021.But similar to the fate of C & A, Cache Cache was also exposed in 2022 that he was experiencing “online stagnation and large -scale closed stores offline”, and the business status was worrying.
Insiders suggest that taking C & A as an example, if the fast -fashion brand wants to reorganize in fierce market competition, it needs to start in many ways.Specifically, first of all, the brand should re -examine and accurately locate the target consumer group; second, increase innovation, improve product design and quality, and optimize supply chain management at the same time; again, it should also strengthen interaction and communication with consumers.With reshaping the brand image and eventually won the favor of more consumers.