These five players are the ultimate iron men of the league
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These five players are the ultimate iron men of the league

The NBA is a business league, and teams are not always driven by winning championships. Making money is their main goal. Look at the New York Knicks, who have difficulty making it to the playoffs, but they earn huge revenues every year. To optimize their profits, teams often trade players without remorse. You could be playing for one team one minute and get notified that you have been traded away the next minute. That’s how ruthless NBA competition can be. But there are five players who are the ultimate iron men of the league, and their teams will not trade them away unless they want to leave themselves. Today we will find out who these five stars are.

Jordan only broke his foot in his second year as a rookie, and then he was unstoppable for the rest of his career. To avoid injuries, Jordan created his own “Breakfast Club” training method, which was aimed at improving his physical condition and preventing injuries. He was a two-way player who faced hard fouls every year, but he still achieved the feat of scoring 10 scoring titles in 15 years. During his six championships, he only missed six games, and he never missed an All-NBA First Team or an All-Defensive First Team selection. Without this physique, Jordan could not become a legend, let alone dominate the 90s.

Abdul-Jabbar had a long peak, and his health was always good, even in his final season when he was still an All-Star level player. In his 20 years in the NBA, Abdul-Jabbar was almost always the offensive core of his team, and he also had to take care of defense and team coordination. He had a lot of things to do on the court, and his physical consumption was also high. But he still played 1,560 games in 20 years, averaging 78 games per season. Except for strategic rest, he hardly missed any games. Without this number of games, he would not have held the record for most points scored in history for so long.

These five players are the ultimate iron men of the league

Stockton played for 19 years and 16 of them were full seasons, which was really inhuman. He was not just playing time on the court; he was the absolute ball control core of his team, and also one of the best point guards in the league every year. He faced a lot of defensive pressure, and he played in an era when the game was rough. Stockton, who was only 6-foot-1, had such a body that was surprising. It was because he hardly got injured that he could accumulate his stats and become the all-time leader in assists and steals.

Malone had a muscular body that made him less prone to injury. He played in an era when the inside game was dominant, and everyone had to fight hard to stay in the paint. Malone wrestled with his opponents almost every game, and he also had to do a lot of physical work. Under such intensity, he played more than 80 games in 19 seasons, which showed how good his body was.

Finally there is James, who has been injured several times in his 20-year career, but most of them were minor injuries that only required him to rest for ten days or half a month. Other players had surgery to repair their knees, meniscus or ankles; James only had hair transplants. His injuries were really overcome by his own physique; it was because he did not suffer any serious injuries that his physique was so great. Now at 38 years old he is still killing it in the league; he can really play until he is 45 if he wants to.

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