up to date!"66 health literacy" (Graphic version of 2024) is here →
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up to date!"66 health literacy" (Graphic version of 2024) is here →


Citizens ‘physical and mental health is protected by law, and everyone has the responsibility to maintain their own health and not harm others’ health.


Actively learn health knowledge, practice civilized and healthy lifestyles, and maintain and promote their own health.


The environment is closely related to health, protects the environment, and promotes health.


Donation of blood free of charge, helping others.


Everyone should care, help, and do not discriminate against the disabled.


Regular health examination.


Blood pressure, body temperature, breathing and heart rate are the four major vital signs of the human body.


The source of infection, the transmission pathway, and the susceptible people are the three links of the epidemic of infectious diseases, and the patients who prevent and control infectious infection are responsible.


Children should be vaccinated in accordance with the immune program after birth, and adults can also achieve the effect of preventing diseases by vaccination.


AIDS, hepatitis B and hepatitis C spread through three ways: blood, sexual contact and maternal and infants. Daily life and work contact will not spread.


Cough, sputum for more than 2 weeks, or blood in sputum should be checked in time if you have tuberculosis; adherence to standardized treatment, most patients with tuberculosis can be cured.


Family dogs and cats should be vaccinated with rabies; after being caught and bitten by dogs and cats, they should be rinsed and disinfected immediately, and they are injected as soon as possibleRabies immunoglobulin(Or serum or monoclonal antibodies) and human rabies vaccine.


Mosquito, flies, mice, cockroaches, etc. will spread a variety of diseases.


No processing, not eating sick and dead poultry.Do not hunt, do not buy, sell, do not contact, and do not eat wild animals.


Pay attention to changes in blood pressure and control the risk of hypertension. Patients with hypertension must do a good job of self -health management.


Pay attention to changes in blood sugar and control the risk of diabetes. Patients with diabetes must do a good job of self -health management.


Pay attention to lung function, controlSlow -blocking lungDangerous factors should do a good job of self -health management.


Actively participate in cancer screening and early detection of cancer and pre -cancer lesions.


Prevent osteoporosis and promote bone health.

twenty one

Care for the elderly, prevent the fall of the elderly, and identify Alzheimer’s dementia.


Caring for adolescents and women’s reproductive health, choose safe and appropriate contraceptive measures, prevent and reduce unwilling pregnancy, and protect fertility.


Workers have the right to protect occupational health in accordance with the law; workers must understand the harmful factors (such as dust, noise, toxic and harmful gases, etc.) in the work and environment of work and working environment. They follow the operating procedures, do personal protection, and avoid occupational health damage.

twenty four

Health food is not a drug, and health food is used correctly.


Healthy lifestyle and behavior


A variety of diseases are associated with weight. We must eat and balance, maintain healthy weight, and avoid overweight and obesity.


The diet should be mainly grain, eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes, pay attention to the combination of vegetables and vegetables, thickness, not partial eclipse, and not picky eaters.


The diet should be light, less salt, less oil, less sugar, and consume qualified iodized salt.


Promote consumption of milk, soybeans and its products every day, and eat the appropriate amount of nuts.


Raw and cooked foods should be stored and processed separately. Eat vegetables and fruits should be washed.


Cherish that food is not wasted, and advocates that public chopsticks split meals and talk about hygiene.


Pay attention to drinking water hygiene, drink enough water every day, do not drink or drink less sugar drinks.


Scientific fitness, persistence.Healthy adults should conduct medium intensity or 75-150 minutes of high -strength aerobic exercise per week per week, and 2 to 3 resistance training should be performed every week.


Without smoking (including electronic cigarettes), smoking and second -hand smoke exposure can cause a variety of diseases.Electronic cigarettes contain a variety of harmful substances, which will harm health.


Tobacco dependence is a chronic addictive disease.The sooner the smoking smoking, the better.Any age quitting can be benefited, and professional smoking cessation services can be sought when quitting smoking.


Drink less and don’t drink.


Pay attention to and maintain psychological health. When encountering psychological problems, you should take the initiative to help.


Everyone may have anxiety and depression, and correctly understand anxiety and depression.


Promote early development of children through parent -child communication and play.Finding the development of psychological behavior should be seek medical treatment in time.


The combination of labor and rest is common to ensure sufficient sleep.


Pay attention to personal hygiene, develop good hygiene habits, use disinfection products scientifically, and actively prevent infectious diseases.


Protect your oral health, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and rinse your mouth after meals.


Scientifically seek medical treatment, take a timely treatment, treat the doctor’s advice, and treat the results of diagnosis and treatment rationally.


Reasonable medication, can take oral muscle injection, can inject muscle injection without infusion, use the doctor’s adviceAnti -microbial drugEssence


Follow the doctor’s advice to use addictive drugs such as anesthesia drugs and psychiatric drugs to prevent drug dependence.


Reject drugs.


Use sanitary toilets in rural areas to manage poultry and livestock manure.


Wear helmets and seat belts; do not speed, do not drunk, drive unimpeded, driving without fatigue; children use safety seats to reduce road traffic damage.


Strengthen care and education, prevent children’s drowning, and scientifically rescue drowning personnel.


Winter heating pay attention to ventilation, beware of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Actively accept pre -marital and pre -pregnancy health care, age fertility, and advice during pregnancy to obtain prenatal examinations and pregnancy risk screening and evaluation during pregnancy.


After the child is born, breastfeeding should be started as soon as possible, and supplementary food should be added reasonably at all 6 months.


Young people should cultivate a healthy behavioral lifestyle. They should adhere to outdoor sports for more than 2 hours a day. They should better master more than 1 exercise skills, prevent myopia, overweight and obesity, and avoid online addiction and premature behavior.


basic skills


Pay attention to health information and can correctly obtain, understand, screen, and apply health information.


Will read food labels and reasonably choose pre -packaged food.


Freshly dangerous signs will be recognized, and stay away from the dangerous environment.


Scientific management families commonly used drugs and read drug labels and instructions.


The pulse, weight, body temperature and blood pressure will be measured.


When emergency medical assistance is needed, 120 emergency calls are called.


Properly store and use pesticides correctly, beware of children’s contact.


In the injured person who is breathing and cardiac arrest, he will perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and learn to use automatic body vibrators (AED).


When trauma bleeding occurs, hemostasis and bandaging will be performed; do not move freely for the wounded on the fracture.


The burns will be treated, and the tract foreign objects will be discharged from the abdomen impact method.


When rescue the electric shock, you should first cut off the power and do not directly contact the electric shock.


When a fire occurs, call the fire police call 119, which will be rescued and escaped.


When landslide, collapse, mudslides and other geological disasters and earthquakes occur, choose the correct way to avoid risk aversion and rescue themselves.


When flood disasters occur, choose the correct way to avoid risk aversion and rescue themselves.