Use AI to help designers improve their work efficiency, and the fashion design tool "Look" is officially launched | Early project
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Use AI to help designers improve their work efficiency, and the fashion design tool "Look" is officially launched | Early project

For each clothing designer, the process of designing a product includes market demand analysis, design concepts, planning, raw material procurement, sample production and review and other links. The overall process is complicated and tedious.Among them, the design and samples need to be polished for several weeks to several months in order to finally determine the finished plan.

In order to help designers complete design and sample review, the “Shenzhen Basic Operation” team established in 2023 has officially launched the AI fashion design tool “LOOK” recently.Related work.

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“After many entrepreneurial community social products, we found that there are many new opportunities brought by AI, one of which is based on the work brought by AI vision.” The founder Zhong Chao said.

After communicating with a number of clothing companies in depth with a number of clothing companies, the basic operation team found that in the clothing industry, a product from the design of the project to the fixed clothing needs to invest a lot of time and energy in each stage.At the same time, designers need to continue to communicate and cooperate with team members, suppliers, and production departments to ensure the smooth implementation of the design and the product and ensure the quality of the product.

In other words, a product may experience the matching of hundreds of styles and fabrics before landing on the ground. These require the designer to complete the design of the design.

As a AI visual fashion design tool, look can effectively improve the efficiency of designers.For example, as long as the designer completes the basic line manuscript in the software, he can immediately generate a comprehensive rendering of the model’s upper body, and the look also supports the functions of batch generating derivatives, generating more styles according to the style, to help the designer breakthrough efficiencybottleneck.

Image source: LOOK

Awards designed by look (display)

In addition, during the completion of the manuscript, designers usually need to choose different fabrics and processes based on model shapes and clothing usage scenarios. This link also takes a long time.In order to solve the efficiency problem in this link, LOOK has trained the mainstream fabrics and models of the majority of the market to the AI model. At this stage, it can be selected by selecting the upper body effect of differently displayed clothing.

At the opening of the 2024 China Underwear Culture Week, Zhong Chao and the team showed the latest results of LOOK: After the designer completed the line draft, AI quickly generated the model effect of the model, and directly completed the “AI catwalk” of the new style of clothing at the scene.

On -site design, real -time generation effect effect

“Under different scenarios and different light, LOOK can help designers to generate photos or videos with different styles of clothing. We believe this can help each designer to liberate productivity in the future, and even let every user inspired by design inspiration in the futureBoth can be a designer “Zhong Chao said.

It is understood that the basic operation team has previously cooperated with many well -known domestic clothing manufacturers such as Goli to provide professional -grade AI design services for B -side users; the LOOK platform launched at this stage will face more companies and independent designers.