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Visa -free policy, tourism line, cruise resumption … The popularity of entry tours continues to grow

Original title: visa -free policy, tourist series, cruise ship resumption … The popularity of entry travel continues to grow

With the recovery of the global tourism industry, the number of entry tourists has increased rapidly.With the implementation of the measures such as mutual visas from my country and many countries, more and more entry tour teams have also ushered in.

More than 20 tourists from Australia opened a trip to China in Suzhou.In Jiangnan classical gardens, everyone listened to the explanation of the tour guide, and recorded every landscape with a mobile phone.

Australian tourist Michael: I came to Suzhou for the first time. It was great, beautiful, and had a deep historical heritage, and people were also very friendly.

From January to February of this year, Suzhou received more than 90,000 inbound tourists, with double year -on -year increases, many of which were tour groups with a scale of over 100 people.According to the statistics of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, from January to February this year, Jiangsu has received more than 220,000 overseas tours, an increase of more than 120%year -on -year, and tourism foreign exchange income is 350 million US dollars.

Since the beginning of this year, my country’s visa -free policy with many countries has taken effect, and has launched a series of measures for convenience personnel.At Nanjing Lukou International Airport in Jiangsu’s largest entry port, the number of entry -exit personnel who enjoy the visa -free policy has also increased rapidly.

In order to facilitate entry tourists, Zhangjiajie actively improves the international service level of the scenic area. In the scenic spots, hotels, public toilets and other places, design a variety of language signs, menus, maps, scenic spots guides to encourage the scenic area to provide multiple language explanation services in the scenic spotEssenceIn order to allow immigration tourists to make a convenient payment, Zhangjiajie set up foreign currency exchange points at airports, high -speed rail stations, shopping malls and other passenger flow gathering places to provide services to overseas tourists.

Beijing ushered in the German travel group where membership was exempt from visa -free entry

These days, Beijing has ushered in a German tour group.Different from previous entry tour groups, all these members entered China in China.

Recently, more than 2,000 tourists from the German cruise “Adania” arrived in Shanghai.On the same day, 350 tourists signed up for Beijing’s “one -day tour” together.In the Great Wall of Juyong, the magnificent scenery made German tourists deeply amazing.They took out their mobile phones and took this unforgettable moment.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Cultural and Tourism Department that in 2024, Beijing vigorously expanded entry tour, conducted tourism promotion in many countries, showed the strong attraction of Chinese cultural tourism integration tourism, and launched the experience of improving foreign tourists in many aspects.measure.

Various convenient measures such as visa -free policy and convenient payment methods have attracted more and more foreign tourists. The strong momentum of the Chinese tourism market has also injected new vitality into the recovery of the global tourism market.

Source: CCTV News Client