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Weilong delicious: 2023 performance steady performances and end -of -date and first anniversary of listing special interest rate pay -paying ratio is about 90%

  On the evening of March 21, Wei Long Fly (9985.HK) released its annual performance in 2023. Thanks to active innovation and omnichannel construction layout, the overall revenue reached 4.87 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 5.2 year -on -year last year by 5.2 last year.%.Weilong delicious net profit in 2023 increased by 481.9%to 880 million yuan, and the adjustment of net profit reached 970 million yuan, an increase of 6.3%year -on -year.Yuan.

  Based on the overall operation, Wei Long delicious board suggested to distribute the general share RMB 0.10 (including tax, the same below), which is 0.10 yuan per share in the late 2023.EssenceAnd considering the first anniversary of the listing in 2024, it is recommended to distribute a special dividend of RMB 0.11 per share, about 30%of the net profit of 2023.The above -mentioned final dividends and special interest rates will be implemented after the annual conference of Weilong delicious shareholders.A total of the special dividend, the final dividend and the first anniversary of the listing of the mid -term dividend, and the special interest rate of the first anniversary of the listing. Wei Long’s delicious annual dividend ratio ratio is as high as 90%.Essence

  The report states that the current consumer demand and channels of the leisure food industry show a diverse and diversified trend.As the leader of China’s spicy and leisure food industry, Wei Long is delicious and actively embrace changes, adheres to the “multi -category large items” product strategy; continuously strengthen the construction of omnicos and embrace new channels for emerging channels;Increase brand influence.

  In terms of products, thanks to the adjustment of the main product structure of the previous year, and the decline in raw material prices this year, Wei Long has continued to optimize the production process and optimizes cost management.%.

  At the same time, Wei Long deliciously excavates and innovates and enriches the product matrix. Through consumer insights, more consumer needs, in line with consumer preferences, continue to broaden the product line.Innovative spicy casual food spicy spicy “domineering panda”, konjac’s hairy belly “little witch” and spicy crisp “crispy fire”.

  In terms of channels, Wei Long deliciously has the overall channel construction over the years, and has already owned a distribution network that has penetrated the national market.While further consolidating the traditional distribution channels in 2023, the company actively embraced emerging channels such as O2O, snacks, and content e -commerce.The company has reached close cooperation with the major snack mass trafficking system, and actively deployed major e -commerce platforms, followed the trend of traffic changes on the online platform, and achieved the coverage of all platform e -commerce channels.Online and offline channels have formed strong complementarity, and continuously deepen the overall channel construction.

  Weilong is delicious and actively strengthen brand building. Through novel and interesting, topical activities interacts with young consumer customers, so as to seize the interests of consumers, create a topic of communication, and enhance the brand’s brand exposure and popularityEssenceAt the same time, the Group also pays attention to the brand’s “humanistic core”, actively participate in brand public welfare activities, fulfill social responsibility, and comprehensively enhance the Group’s brand image.