World Cup Preparation: DHB Women Aim to Enhance Quality
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World Cup Preparation: DHB Women Aim to Enhance Quality

Following their successful start in the European Championship qualifiers, the German women’s handball team believes there is room for improvement as they prepare for the upcoming World Cup. “I’m confident that we can enhance the quality even further,” stated Captain Alina Grijseels after their 31-24 (15-14) victory against Ukraine. However, due to a six-month hiatus, the team had limited training sessions, which means that every…

“I am optimistic that we can get more quality out of it,” said captain Alina Grijseels after the 31:24 (15:14) against Ukraine. However, due to the six-month break, the team did not have many units, “so every minute together is good for us.”

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However, after the cancellation of the second European Championship qualifier in Israel, scheduled for Saturday, the German Handball Federation (DHB) selection has little time left to prepare together. “All the moments on the pitch are golden,” said national coach Markus Gaugisch. Ahead of the World Cup (November 29 to December 17), which will also be about the Olympics for the DHB team in Herning, Denmark, it’s “now blow by blow.”

World Cup Preparation: DHB Women Aim to Enhance Quality

The German women’s handball team will play its last World Cup test on November 5 against Hungary – without the players who are active abroad. After the match in Tel Aviv was postponed indefinitely, Gaugisch’s team is still training at the sports hotel in Großwallstadt until Saturday.

Xenia Smits remarked, “It’s regrettable for us, but there are undeniably more pressing concerns. This game holds little significance in our current context.” Markus Gaugisch emphasized that handball is taking a backseat, especially considering the situation in Israel, stating, “It’s surreal to witness such news. Our foremost aspiration is to restore peace in Israel and Ukraine as swiftly as possible. That transcends all else.”

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