Xueda Education CEO Jin Xin attended the series of activities of the 3rd National Reading Conference and gave a live speech
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Xueda Education CEO Jin Xin attended the series of activities of the 3rd National Reading Conference and gave a live speech

From April 23rd to 25th, the 3rd National Reading Conference was held in Kunming, Yunnan.The theme of the conference is “Sharing Modern Civilizations in Society for Society for Society”, and organizes reading promotion, theme publishing and reading lobby of the whole people, and the Spring City Book Fragrant Corridor.The good fashion of reading good books and reading, so as to infiltrate people’s hearts, enlighten wisdom, and cultivate sentiment with cultural power.

(The 3rd National Reading Conference opened in Kunming on April 23)

In the new era, new technologies such as the Internet, self -media, short videos, artificial intelligence, and brain interfaces not only challenged traditional reading, but also had a profound and far -reaching impact on future reading.On the afternoon of April 24th, the 8th “Volkswagen Love Reading New Media” was released at the same period at the 3rd National Reading Conference.

The activity is led by the Central Propaganda Department Publishing Bureau, hosted by China Press and Publication Media Group, China National Reading Media Alliance, National Reading and Rong Media Think Tank.Co -organized by the company, I recommend 65 WeChat public accounts, 14 audio numbers, and 21 video numbers to the society. A total of 100 “Volkswagen’s favorite reading new media number”.

The purpose of this activity is to recommend more new channels based on the entire media based on the entire media, and carry out paper reading and digital reading promotion activities combined with online and offline.On the platform, sow the scent of books and share wisdom, thereby enhancing the digital reading rate of the whole people.

Yan Xiaohong, the chairman of the China Copyright Association, said in a speech in the press conference that the new media platform is a stage for the full -time and creativity of the nation’s reading activities.The latest trends and practical experiences bring you a new space for mutual exchanges and exploration.

Ma Guokang, chairman of China Press and Publication Media Group, focused on the implementation of the organization of the recommendation activity.He pointed out that the event used the new media index matrix independently developed by the National Reading and Rong Media Think Tank Technology Team to collect, track monitoring and quantitative evaluation of big data, and use the comprehensive analysis of the qualitative and quantitative analysis of “industry experts+big data” to make the selected selectedThe new media number really can pick one thousand miles a thousand miles.

At the event, “Volkswagen’s favorite reading new media number” final judges, well -known publisher Nie Zhenging, Lu Xiangao, vice chairman of the China News Culture Promotion Association, founder and CEO of Xueda Education Jin XinThe overall characteristics and highlights of the number were reviewed, and a certificate was issued to the representatives of the new media.

(The founder and CEO of the University of Education Jin Xin spoke as a representative of the judge)

The founder and CEO of Xueda Education Jin Xin introduced in a speech at the scene that the reading audio and video number of this event was based on the four major video platforms of Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, and the two major audio platforms of Himalayan and Dragonfly FM.Recommended.The video account mainly focuses on the content of book explanations, reading activity information, etc., and starts topics, advocating mainstream value orientation, spreading high -quality reading content, and promoting reading methods and methods.The audio account is mainly based on book recommendations, excellent reading, reading, knowledge lectures, etc., combined with its own characteristics, bringing together many outstanding readers, hosts, and cultural celebrities, creating a considerable number of high -quality copyright content.It has been further improved and has been widely recognized in the market and audience.

“This is not only conducive to telling the ‘Chinese Story’, but also for the construction of a modern public reading resource library.” Jin Xin said that as the Internet technology flourish brings a new trend of media, holographic media, all -staff media, and full -effect media.Strengthen the cultural influence of all the people, especially the youth groups, to make them consciously spread Chinese value and show the image of China.

“Although the reading of new media is easy to form a tendency of fragmented, it also has more advantages. The most important thing is that it can be implemented by the whole people. We must continue to try multiple paths to help everyone improve the network self -control, gradually cultivate independence, understand, and understandThe online reading habit of thinking. “” Jin Xin also introduced the rich practice of learning the University of Education in this regard.

Founded in 2001, Xue University of Education has always adhered to the personalized education concept of “people -oriented and teaching according to their aptitude”.Jin Xin said that in the new era, the interpretation and needs of talents have also been more diversified. In recent years, the University of Education has actively explored a richer model to help more children find the development path suitable for themselves.At this stage, Xueda Education has formed a new situation for cooperative development of personalized education, vocational education, cultural reading, and integration of medical education.

On New Year’s Day in 2022, the innovation format of serving the “Reading of the National Reading” under the University of Education — the nationwide store in Jianxiang Bookstore appeared in Shenzhen Luohu Baoneng Global Exchange.As of now, it has 10 sentences of bookstores nationwide.”We want to build a quiet and comfortable field, let the reading experience return to the origin, help readers and friends in the whole age section find the direction of life in reading, and improve self -cultivation in reading.” Jin Xin said.

(Sentence like a bookstore real scene)

Jin Xin introduced that the Ji Xiang Bookstore set “book borrowing, book sales, shared reading, children’s growth, light food coffee, cultural salon, tide -playing cultural and creative guidance”.In addition, Jianxiang Bookstore developed the Elephant Reading APP in accordance with the digital trend. Readers can enjoy the recommendation books based on reading preferences through online platforms.In development.

In addition, Jinxin mentioned that the construction of a scent of scholarship is inseparable from the supply of high -quality reading content and the supply of scientific reading guidance services.The characteristics of the sentence shop shop is to focus on different reading groups, especially the growth needs of young children to provide personalized reading, and at the same time to create and enrich cultural experience activities with immersive reading space to improve the cultural quality of citizens, promote the excellent Chinese excellenceTraditional culture, thereby enhancing cultural self -confidence.

In November 2023, the School of Education Group rely on its innovative reading guidance model, high -quality and rich reading experience activities, and a wide range of employee reading foundations.Book Fragrant Enterprise “honorary title.In the construction of modern corporate culture, “Book Fragrant Enterprise” is gradually becoming an important force to promote cultural innovation.

“Sentence -like bookstore hopes to use excellent traditional culture as a link, with specialized and intelligent services, innovate cultural reading service carriers to create a living room in the city, so that more people who love reading can exchange book reviews and experiences together, so as to realize the spiritual lifeCommon wealthy “Jin Xin.

Chinese culture is the soul of the Chinese nation and an important part of my country’s comprehensive strength.The excellent Chinese traditional culture has accumulated the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation, representing the unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation, forming the Chinese people’s thinking and behavior, supporting the Chinese nation who has been endlessly after more than 5,000 years and passed down from generation to generation.Standing proudly.

(Sentence like a bookstore real scene)

The brand name of the sentence store comes from the excellent traditional culture of China.”Sentence” comes from “Sentence Reading”. Some scholars trace the source. The term “sentence reading” was first seen in the “Spring and Autumnopophard Scriptures of the Spring and Autumnopher than”: “Quoting him, losing his sentence, not doing it.Min Xiao “.”Elephant” comes from the expression of “generous generosity, no late instrument, late sounds, elephant invisible” in the Tao Te Ching, which is the pursuit of high -level life realm.

The improvement of the realm of life is also inseparable from reading. In the era of artificial intelligence, human reading methods and learning habits have also undergone unprecedented changes.In February of this year, OpenAI released the first Wensheng video big model Sora demonstration material, which once again triggered the attention of iterative evolution and content generation ability of generation artificial intelligence.”Although AI technology can provide us with personalized recommendations and content abstracts, we still need to maintain the habit of reading in -depth reading.”

In the next step, the University of Education will rely on the resources of all parties in the sentence store to explore the richer digital reading content development and communication channels, actively develop new cultural and new productive productivity, further strengthen reading guidance, cultivate new style, promote the formation of the whole society “The strong atmosphere of love to read, read good books, and read well “has contributed more for the construction of a cultural power.