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Zhang Yong, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Education and Sports Bureau of Yicheng District, inspect and guide the food safety work of the district campus

  Luwang March 21 News In order to further implement the notice of the special action of “special operations on the development of” improving the quality of food supply and guarding the food safety of the campus “No. 2, and continuously strengthen the level of food safety management services in the Campus District of Tancheng District. On March 20, 峄, 峄Zhang Yong, secretary of the party group and director of the Urban Education and Sports Bureau, went to some schools in Tancheng District to inspect food safety.Wen Yongting, director of the Teaching Research Center of the District Education and Sports Bureau, and the head of the Governor’s Fangming Road and the head of the bureau’s financial stocks and security supervisors.

Zhang Yong and his party have arrived at Eshan Middle School, Diange Middle School, Diange Central Primary School and other schools. Check it in detail and asked the kitchen environmental hygiene, material supply, raw materials procurement and claiming tickets, food storage conditions, food samples, and “the Internet, and” the Internet+Ming Kitz Liang Stove “system running usage and use.

Zhang Yong gave improvement opinions and requests for the two responsibilities of the canteen’s work partition, the information of the publicity bar, and the implementation of food safety.The strictest requirement is to ensure that food safety is foolproof, and it is responsible for teachers and students, obtains the satisfaction of parents, and the recognition of society.

Zhang Yong emphasized that the health relationship of the campus food safety has grown healthy, and the society is harmonious and stable.The school must attach great importance to compact responsibilities.Adhere to the principle of the health of teachers and students, strictly implement the requirements of food safety “party and government responsibility, one position and two responsibilities”, the bottom line of thinking, compact work responsibilities, strictly regulate management, highlight the implementation of responsibilities, conduct stress on layers, pressure, pressureThe responsibility of the first responsible person in the actual school (garden); second, we must highlight the key points and strengthen the management of the cafeteria.Strictly implement the management systems such as employees’ management, ingredients, certificates of votes, and food samples.Pay close attention to the source governance, and the school canteen implements a large food bidding for large foods and concentrated designated procurement.Strengthen the supervision of the food safety process of the school cafeteria, strictly put the food storage and processing, raw and cooked separation, and cooking waste treatment, and resolutely keep the campus food safety bottom line.Third, we must strengthen supervision and inspection, adhere to problem orientation and target -oriented, benchmarks, comprehensive inspections, make up for shortcomings and pressure improvements, urge the establishment of the office to form a closed -loop management, and ensure that the school’s food safety is ensured.