Zhaotong Suijiang: Release "Li" vitality rural tourism fever
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Zhaotong Suijiang: Release "Li" vitality rural tourism fever

CCTV Zhaotong March 20th (Reporter Wei Wenqing) The enthusiastic literary performances, a variety of special snacks, the crowded commercial neighborhood … Yangchun March, the annual Li Baihua opened as scheduled, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, Yunnan ProvinceThe 10,000 acres of Lihua in Tianbaoshan, Xintan Town, Suijiang County, Zhaotong City, “dazzled” again. A “brigade” beautiful painting volume in the downtown city in the village was naturally natural, which attracted guests in all directions to enjoy the flowers.

In recent years, Suijiang County has adhered to the leadership of party building, with the main line of promoting high -quality development, with increasing the income of the masses as its core, with poetic Suijiang and romantic Sands as the theme, focusing on “half red Li” and other characteristic industries.In the festival friends, the beautiful scenery and tourism, culture and other elements are organically integrated, leading the masses to break through a new road of agricultural and tourism integration, and brighten the golden signboard of “Li Guo’s Hometown” in the “Spring Snow” boiling.

Li Baihua, Suijiang County (Photo by Wei Wenqing, a reporter from Yangguang.com)

Organize the platform and dig the “source” potential

The Suijiang County Party Committee closely focuses on the “Jinsha River · Beautiful Suijiang” city positioning, and is based on the resource endowment of mountains, forests, and water.Various methods such as punch -in and literary exhibitions to the 13 states and cities from the Jinsha River Basin, representatives of the cultural tourism department of 16 counties, cities, and districts, media, enterprises, travel agencies, etc. to promote the characteristics of “Li” culture and recommend “Li”.Jinshajiang Ecological Culture Tourism Promotion Conference exceeded 1 million times, and multi -dimensional display of the “Half Red Lee” cultural IP in Suijiang.

In addition, Suijiang County also relies on three thousand acres of red and half a half of the red Li Base along the river to hold cultural activities such as Li Baihua Kaijie Festival at high quality to optimize the function of the “living room” function of party members’ activity rooms.Li’s main production area has 3 “Li” snack streets, 7 fun mini -games, and more than 20 online red punching points to promote rural revitalization and folk culture.A group of high -quality ecological cultural tourism attractions have focused on building a rural ecological tourism ring line, realizing the characteristics of town, scenery in villages and villages, and traffic everywhere.

Folklore Performance Event (Photo by Wei Wenqing, a reporter from Yangguang.com)

Farmers are competitive, ignite the “courtyard” vitality

Suijiang County has continued to carry out activities including the exhibition of “Beautiful Court You and Me”, “Beautiful Courtyard”, and “the most beautiful courtyard” evaluation.Start with yourself and start from the people around you, to form a strong atmosphere of “you beauty and me, fighting for beauty”.

At the same time, Suijiang County adheres to the party building and bring women, relying on the red positions such as party and mass service centers to give full play to the role of the “parent school”, and launch the first -tier backbone of the village -level women’s federation cadres, female party members, and women’s group leaders.The Red Flagers “Volunteer Services team 56 small teams, held a clean home, dressing up the special skills training for special life, make the fucking housework become a new fashion of happy fitness, and make the new home become a” Xingjia “overflowing with flower fragrance.

In addition, Suijiang County has made good use of the “Sunshine Village Affairs” public column. In January, the beauty and ugly in January, Suijiang County promoted the beautiful courtyard from time to time to lasting beauty, realizing popularity and consumption accumulation, agricultural development and agricultural development and agricultural development and consumption.Farmers get rich “double harvest”.Tan Qingpeng, a group of villagers in the 15th group of Taniyu Village, said: “This year, there are tourists who have come to my house to drink a dam tea. The door of the house becomes a small sales department, and I am extremely happy.”

Pioneer leadership, stimulate the “staff” motivation

Suijiang County’s benchmarking, orderly, warm and comfortable, and service high -quality tourism environment, in accordance with the “party organization+group organization+youth volunteers”, adhere to the three -level linkage of the county, town, and village, integrate young party members, youth league members, andYoung cadres and other talents have set up 34 volunteer service teams in the “Sanqing Assistance Village” to adopt the “theoretical preaching+appearance demonstration+actual combat exercise” to conduct more than 200 young volunteers to conduct centralized training before the holidays.At the same time, give full play to the characteristics of cultural good exchanges, quality, and enthusiastic diligence in the “Three Qing” teams, linking the power of “Red vest” and “Red Sleevete” and other grid forces to weave large -scale cultural tourism activities to implement “guarantee”Net”, serving Li Baihua’s opening series 6 games.

Young talents volunteers are “five members” as propagandists, interpreters, waiters, stability maintenances, and supervisors.Visitors and consumption flow are innovative.