Zhengzhou commercial real estate market is more than demand, and the average rent in the first quarter has declined as a whole
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Zhengzhou commercial real estate market is more than demand, and the average rent in the first quarter has declined as a whole

[Dahecai Cube Reporter Yang Xiao Intern Wang Yu]Zhengzhou Class A and B office buildings exist over 5 million square meters and retail property over 7 million square meters.On April 18th, CBRE Shibang Wei Shishi held the above data at the media communication meeting of “Stability of Stability and Stability in Zhengzhou in the first quarter of 2024. The first quarter of 2024.”Its judgment is that this year’s commercial real estate market in Zhengzhou is in a state of excessive demand, and competition in the industry will be further accelerated. At the same time, the market rental price will be further explored.
The existence of over 5 million square meters, Zhengzhou Class A and B office buildings continues to decline
The mid -to -high -end new office buildings have been put into market in batches, which has pushed the overall stock of Zhengzhou office buildings.
According to the data released by Shibang Wei Shishi, in the first quarter, the high -quality office building market in Zhengzhou ushered in a new supply of 145,000 square meters, which promoted the total market stock to climb to 5.184 million square meters.New additions are mainly concentrated on the East Square of the high -speed railway station in Zhengdong New District and the Science Avenue of the High -tech Zone.
Qu Haolin, the head of the office building of Zhengzhou, Wei Lishi, said that in the first quarter of this year, the demand for the leasing market of Zhengzhou’s office building continued to increase.Overall is good for last year.From this predicting, the overall level of the suction of NATO in 2024 will break the overall level during the epidemic.However, the problem is that the new supply of the market is much higher than the growth rate of demand.From the perspective of in the area, there are many new projects that enter or wait for the market to enter the market, which will continue to increase the overall vacancy rate of the city.At the same time, the competitive intensity of catalysis continued to increase, and the average monthly rental income of the B -level office building dropped to 79.69 yuan.
However, there are exceptions. In the core business districts such as CBD, CGD, and high -speed rail stations in Zhengzhou City, the vacancy rates of Class A and B office buildings have been slightly reduced.
Qu Haolin judged that in 2024, Zhengzhou’s office building market showed a gentle recovery trend.The new supply of the core area has gradually weakened the market’s impact. It is a key variable around the Longhu Financial Island in the north, and the customer needs shift from watching and seeing actively entering the market.The rent has gradually stabilized, the market has entered the tenant market, and it is maintained for a long time.
“With the recovery of traditional industries, innovation technology has become a new variable in the market. The” new noble ‘in the field of innovation in various industries, especially the new financial model derived from the traditional financial field, will become the main customer of the market. “Qu Haolin said,”In the abundant market environment, tenants’ requirements for the quality of the building are increasingly improved.Become the mainstream of the market. “
The retail property market is polarized, and the core business district is still the key expansion area of the brand
The phenomenon of supply is not only in the Zhengzhou office market, but also in the retail property market.
According to the data released by the World State Wei Shishi, in the first quarter, Zhengzhou’s high -quality retail property market recorded 110,000 square meters of new supply.The renovation project Shinada 360 Plaza International Trade Store’s North District entered the market, marking the first new supply of Zhengzhou’s core business district after the epidemic.However, due to the dual influence of some merchants’ suspension of business and brand withdrawal, the vacancy rate of retail properties in the city climbed to 17.8%.In terms of rent, the city’s business districts at all levels continue to differentiate. The average monthly rent of the first floor of the city’s shopping malls fell from the previous floor to 330 yuan per square meter, a decline of more than 20%from the same period last year.
Zhang Tong, deputy general manager of Shibang Wei Lishi Zhengzhou Branch, said: At present, Zhengzhou’s retail market has shown a clear trend of polarization, and the core business district is still the key expansion area of the brand.The “first store effect” led by Dennis David and Zhenghong City continues to ferment.For example, Dennis David, continues to strengthen and enrich the international brand lineup in the first quarter. This includes: LV has been upgraded to a double -layer flagship store, and FENDI opens Henan’s first store and double -layer flagship store. GIADA also moves from Zhengzhou Vientiane City to David.In the emerging business district, the financial island area is eye -catching. For example, Yintai In Park Mall has achieved double -digit growth in the brand’s occupancy rate and opening rate of the season.
Which retail categories have the highest enthusiasm for opening a store in the first quarter?
Zhang Tong said that during the same period, the catering brand expanded the market the most active and became the main driving force for market demand, accounting for 42%of the property demand.Followed by followed by fashion clothing category (about 31%) and lifestyle (about 11%).In addition, the input of fragrance beauty brands in Zhengzhou market has been further increased. For example, the makeup brand of the same name of Burberry landed on the Zhengzhou market for the first time, and Byredo opened the China Central Store and flagship stores to bring new vitality and opportunities to the market.However, it should be noted that new energy vehicles are being withdrawn from the shopping center to find a lower place for rent costs.
According to data issued by Shibang Wei Lishi, in 2024, the new supply of retail properties in Zhengzhou was expected to reach 773,000 square meters.This includes: Shanshan Ole · Erqi Store, Poly Cultural Plaza Phase 2, Songnan Impression City, etc.At the same time, urban renewal and stock transformation may become the keywords for the iteration of Zhengzhou’s commercial market this year. Urban renewal will be updated around the urban functional area of the large area, and the two dimensions of small areas and comprehensive neighborhood updates.The former is mostly led by the government, and aims to achieve the update and breakthrough of industrial space; the latter emphasizes government guidance, enterprise operations, and promotes the update of diversified functions.
Zhang Tong believes that in 2024, all consumer data showed a significant heating and growth trend, and the service consumption fields in catering and tourism were particularly active.At the same time, in the trend of “prudent and savvy” consumption, the ultimate parity and high -quality replacement products are gradually being sought after by the younger generation of consumer groups.The new trend of buying orders for “emotions” has quietly risen, and it is expected that more emotional consumption forms will emerge this year.
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