Shein’s three -year heat is not reduced, and the national women’s clothing brand champion leads the trend storm
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Shein’s three -year heat is not reduced, and the national women’s clothing brand champion leads the trend storm

Today, with the increasingly diverse global consumer market structure, the cross -border e -commerce industry has continued to become an important driving force for China’s economic growth with its unique business model and development potential.Related data show that in 2023, China’s cross -border e -commerce imports and exports reached 2.38 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.6%, an increase of 15.4 percentage points higher than the national import and export growth rate, of which 1.83 trillion yuan was exported, a year -on -year increase of 19.6%.In 2024, my country ’s cross-border e-commerce town Guangdong January to February from January to February, the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce in the province reached 155.3 billion yuan, an increase of 107%year-on-year.This series of data all shows a new round of accelerated development in the field of cross -border e -commerce.

In this wave of cross -border e -commerce new waves, the global consumers’ favorite fashion and lifestyle online retailers SHEIN has achieved its stable and rapid growth of business with its unique model driven by its “own brand+platform” dual engine.It not only helped more high -quality Chinese manufacturing companies and cross -border merchants to the world, but also brought a fashion feast from the East to global consumers.

SHEIN started with an independent brand. After more than ten years of cultivation, it relied on the digital supply chain model to help promote the industrial Internet upgrade of the traditional clothing manufacturing industry.This model effectively solves the problem of long inventory in the clothing industry, reduced the waste of resources from the source, so that the product has found the best fit between fashion novel and cost -effective.It is worth mentioning that, compared with 30%-40%of other clothing brands, SHEIN has compressed its unprecedented inventory to a very low level, which is a model of the industry.

It is also because of innovation to establish the industry’s leading digital supply model, and the product power and brand power of the SHEIN brand have been continuously improved.Recently, the market consulting agency Lek Consulting released the “LEK Shoes and Clothing Brands Hot Index in 2024”. Shein has once again won the top spot on the American leisure women’s brand heat list, which has ranked first in the list for three consecutive years, which means that since the index was launchedShein has always been the most noticeable leisure women’s clothing brand in the United States. At the same time, in the field of leisure men’s clothing, shein is also ranked third with outstanding results.

Shein has won the American casual women’s brand hot list for three consecutive years

SHEIN won the third place of the American leisure men’s brand heat list

Prior to this, according to market analysis agency data.AI data, shein has won the 2023 Global Shopping APP download championship, further confirming its popularity in the global market.In the “Top Ten Growth Fastest Growth Brands in the United States” released by the well -known authoritative consulting company Morning Consult, SHEIN has also become the fourth place in the “Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten Growth Brands in 2023”, becoming the only one selected as the above list.Chinese brands are also the only fashion brands globally.Today, it is known as the “Advanced Edition ZARA”, SHEIN has successfully ranked among the four major fashion brands in the world, and is on the same name as the world -renowned brands such as ZARA, H & M and Uniqlo.

On the basis of the rapid development of independent brands, SHEIN has not stopped, but actively expands the platformization strategy and builds a new pattern of “own brand+platform” dual model.Based on SHEIN’s extensive global sales network, mature marketing experience and innovative supply chain reflection, SHEIN’s platform -based model strongly supports more third -party sellers and brands in the international market to open up territory.

According to the characteristics and needs of different merchants, the SHEIN platform flexibly provide a variety of cooperation forms.For small and medium -sized sellers who lack overseas sales and operating experience, shein provides one -stop operating services, covering multiple links such as commodity operations, warehousing, logistics, customer service and after -sales, so that sellers can focus on product development and production;Sellers and brands of operating capabilities, SHEIN provides independent operating models, and creates experiences with platform resources and brands to help merchants expand the market and enhance brand influence.

In order to maximize the empowerment of domestic merchants to easily embark on the road of cross -border e -commerce, the SHEIN platform reflects the characteristics of “clearing” and “low”, and achieve the effect of “energy”, one “stable”, that is, to create fair and transparentThe business environment and the formulation of clear and clear rules, sellers can settle in zero costs and reduce subsequent promotion and marketing costs.At the same time, SHEIN also provides sellers with a full range of growth training courses to improve their comprehensive operating capabilities and ensure the stability and continuous growth of orders.In addition, SHEIN also launched a “Gravity” million seller plan, which is expected to help 10,000 merchants’ annual sales exceeded one million US dollars in three years, and through the implementation of the national 500 city industry belt plans to go out to the sea, it has promoted the successful integration of more industrial belt enterprises to integrate into the integrationCross -border e -commerce blue oceans realize the flexible upgrade of the industrial Internet.